December 28, 2014

Mail-time: Zoya PixieDusts from BOGO Promo!

Hey guys! I know I don't normally post on Sundays, but I didn't want to get behind, so I thought I'd get this one out there already!

And, today, we have a special guest for this mail-time: Kaya, who is Ham's bossy girlfriend. Since I was dogsitting her for the holidays, I figured she could join in on the mail-time photography/ bribery ritual. It was a lot trickier to get two dogs focused on the camera, let me tell you.

A box!

Carrot-wanting faces:

An outtake: distracted by a leaf!

In the box:

These are, of course, the polishes I ordered during Zoya's last promotion, the BOGO for their PixieDust finishes, which are being discontinued. I decided to pick up the four original Pixies I didn't already have, as well as two other polishes from my wishlist, so I could get the free Remove +.



left to right: Solange, Vespa, Dahlia, Miranda

Miscellaneous two:

left to right: Lo, Katy

I have already worn, and will swatch, Vespa, and I really loved it more than I thought I would. It has just enough blue in it to keep it from clashing with pale/ pink skin. I don't know if I can say the same for Solange- I am a bit scared of that one!

At any rate, I'm sad we won't be seeing any more original PixieDust finishes from Zoya in the future- they really were the nicest finish of any texture polish I've tried! I am happy to complete my hoard of PixieDusts though!

Did you guys get any PixieDust polishes during the BOGO sale?


  1. Gorgeous colors! I haven't worn Vespa yet, I also got it during the BOGO sale :)

  2. Beautiful colors AND gorgeous pups! I had to pass on the sale...I already have all the Pixies except Dahlia (I have a dupe), Chyna, and the gold/orange ones. Yes, I have a problem. x_x

    It's a shame the Pixies are being discontinued - the classic Pixies were what got me into texture, and they're still the best around. The Magical and Ultra Pixies just weren't the same. I would have loved to see a matte white Classic Pixie Dust with that trademark sugary silver sparkle...alas.

  3. I thought about picking up the actual matte version of Noir and backups of Lux and Arlo but I behaved, lol. I can't wait to see Vespa on you! I really like that one and I was quite surprised I could pull it off. What a pretty girl Kaya is <3

  4. I'm sad Zoya is continuining the Pixie Dusts, they are by far my favorite textured polishes. I still ned to get me some shades (like Carter and maaaaybe Liberty) but things here get discontinued a lot later than in their country of origin so I still have time to pick them up in a future trip :)

    Vespa was one of the first I ever got and it's really pretty, I look forward to see it on your nails :)

    And Ham's girlfriend is just the cutest thing ever <3 <3 <3 My dog is not very social so we don't get to pet-sit a lot around here. However one year we fostered two stray puppies (at different times) until they found forever homes, my Pom was not happy because he's always been kind of an old little grumpy weirdo and the puppy energy was too much for him. To this day whenever we see a black mixed puppy he runs the other way xD

  5. Yay! I'm curious what you'll think! It surprised me!

  6. I agree- the classic Pixies are definitely still the best and easiest to wear texture around! Ugh, I didn't even think about a white/ silver pixie. We ARE missing that! Alas!

  7. Haha! I remember you liking it, actually! I think that pushed me to try the ones I'd passed over inititally before I started swatching for Zoya. :)

  8. Such sads. You definitely DO need Carter and Liberty. Those are good ones and crowd faves!

    Haha, that is too funny about your Pom! I like grumpy dogs though, and puppy energy is understandably too much for a lot of dogs. Ham is picky about dog friends. He likes most girls, especially if they are super bossy like Kaya. :D