December 10, 2014

Emily de Molly- Pyrite [Swatch]

Hey everyone! Today I've got a super pretty glitter to show you: Emily de Molly- PyriteI have pined over Pyrite for at least a year, so it was the first shade I put on my nails when I was recently able to order some EdMs!

Let's take a look!

Pyrite is a cool-leaning, heather grey crelly base filled with bronze shimmer, small copper and holo hexes, and larger gold and white/ holographic hexagonal glitters. The color of the grey base is a bit changeable in different lighting, but mostly it looks blue or pink-leaning. Pretty!

Artificial light, two coats:

Outside, shade:

So, grey polishes are my favorite thing, and grey with copper is..hnnnngg!  I just love it! It's delicate and lovely, but not boring! I even got a lot of random, unsolicited comments while wearing this one!

Up close!

Formula: The base is on the thinner side, which I actually found refreshing.  When a glitter's base is too thick, the glitter tends to be difficult to spread across the nail evenly, but this polish definitely does not suffer from that. This goes on so smoothly, and was decently opaque in two coats for me! Very, very nice!

What do you think?
Have you tried Pyrite?


  1. So pretty, I love the color combo! You make me want alllll the EDMs, lol!

  2. That is such a gorgeous color. I love that the base isn't too opaque so it really allows the glitters to peak though.

  3. If someone would ask me to design my dream polish (what, I can dream, right?) this would pretty much be it. Seriously, it's perfect!

  4. Me too! I just love greys with pretty things in them! <3

  5. Yes! Emily de Molly is really good at making polishes that do that! :)

  6. Haha, thanks! Well, join the club! :D

  7. Super pretty! I love Emily de molly, she's always creating such unique mixes of glitter. I love how the copper peaks from the base, the shimmer reminded me of Hare polishes :) (Nikole from Hare uses that shimmer a lot in hers)