November 10, 2014

Mail-time: Miscellaneous SUPER BLACK Polishes!

I have an exciting mail-time today: SUPER BLACK Lacquers!  I have been pining over SUPER BLACK's glitter mixes for over a year now, and just haven't gotten the chance to snag any until now. Hoorah!

The boyfriend is actually a big fan of Natalie Dee, and mentioned he might get me some SBL for my last birthday, but nope! Boo! Anyway, this mail-time is actually from last month, and will probably be the last one for a while, since I'm on another no-buy through the Holidays. Enjoy!

Ham's like, "you have box, I have carrot?"

And then, he got way too excited and started offering me an array of behaviors I didn't ask for:

^That was mid-rolling over.

Inside the box!

Everything was packaged really well, as you can see. The little polish bundles had absolutely no wiggle room.

I was actually a little concerned because I'd read a lot of reports of The Haymaker shattering in transit. SUPER BLACK's customer service is awesome, and I know she always offered prompt replacements to everyone that that happened to. Still, I was pretty anxious! Luckily, everything was just fine, as you can see!


left to right: Dusted, HBIC, The Bends, The Whale

left to right: The Haymaker, Drunk Dial, Sweet Tooth

All together:

Up close, for fun:

I can't wait to wear all of these! They are really, really beautiful in person. I've already worn Drunk Dial on my toes (loved it!), and have worn and swatched The Whale- so look out for that one soon!

Have you guys tried SUPER BLACK yet?
Do you have a favorite polish?


  1. Okay... drooling...those look gorgeous. Can't wait to see your swatches! :)

  2. All of those bottles lined up next to eachother look like they'd make a fantastic galaxy manicure together!

  3. The Whale is one of my most favorite polishes ever.

  4. YOU'RE RIGHT! How did I not see that?!

  5. You have great taste then! I absolutely loved it! :)

  6. :D I'm not always into glitter mixes....but there's something about these, you're right! Eye candy!

  7. Awesome nail mail! Those colors look gorgeous! Love the close up bottle shots.

  8. I waffled on getting that one actually, but so glad I did! It's way more beautiful in person than I could tell from photos! <3

  9. Hambone is being extra-adorable and handsome in this post!

    I love the look of these polishes, and especially the bottles - looking forward to swatchy swatches.

    Am I the only one who cares just as much about the bottle as the polish? It's not even that I put them on display, but for my own pleasure... : )