October 13, 2014

Mail-time: Indigo Bananas Halloween 2014 Polishes!

Here's a slightly overdue mail-time for an Indigo Bananas parcel I received!

This may possibly be the laziest mail-time session ever. We'd just returned from an epic walk, and Ham really just wanted to lounge around. So, naturally, I just piled the goods onto his poor limp frame. See if you can spot the moment I mention "potato:"


left to right: Grave Importance, Perfect Night (for Mystery & Horror), Roll in Ze Hay, Endless Nights, Gods & Monsters

All of it:

Actually, there was also some sort of lemon candy but someone ate it before I could take any photos! (PS: It wasn't the dog.) (PPS: I tried the infamous tomato candy and....it tastes like sweet tomatoes! Wacky!)

Four of these are from the new Halloween 2014 collection, which actually has twelve shades total:

Perfect Night (for Mystery & Horror), the purple, has already been swatched here.

Endless Nights is from the Endless Summer collection, and it's a multichrome/ linear holo combination that I've been eyeing for a while!

More bottley goodness:

Some macro for kicks:

Suffice it to say that I'm ridiculously excited about these, and can't wait to wear all of them. I just don't know how I will decide which!


  1. I so can't wait for your swatches!! Ham's expressions are killing me in the first few photos, hahaha.

  2. Awesome new polishes in the mail you received! Can't wait for swatches.

  3. Those flakiessssss :)

  4. I ended up getting Roll in Ze Hay and Gods & Monsters because I wanted to order before her week of shipping freeze. This post made me indulge!

  5. A couple people have clamored for this one now, so I might have to, lol!

  6. He was a bit disgruntled before I mentioned the incoming rewards.

  7. I knoooow! I am so into flakies right now!!

  8. I cannot WAIT to wear Roll in Ze Hay...it is like insanely pretty in the bottle. I'm glad to be an enabler, haha! :P