October 29, 2014

Glittery Halloween Half-moons [Nail Art]

Hey everybody! Happy early Halloween!

I am definitely in the mood for Fall, since it's looking pretty leafy around here, and the weather has been moody in general. But, I haven't been able to get gung-ho about Halloween this year, for some reason. So, I wanted to keep things simple and skip all the cute and intricate 'ween designs. (Although I have totally been admiring others' spooky works of art!)

So, I just created an orange and black half-moon manicure using various glitters as well as studs. Enjoy!

I'm not too happy about how the black base polish is peeking through at the top of the cuticle. I went in to clean the cuticles up with acetone and a brush, but it kept taking away the glitter and leaving the base polish. Blaaargh.  Anyway, you don't really notice it in person!

Polishes used for half-moons:

Illamasqua- Gamma is on the middle nail with Zoya- Beatrix layered on top. The ring and pinkie nails have Zoya- Beatrix by itself, and the index and thumb nails have Illamasqua- Marquise.

Not Pictured: Zoya- Willa from the new Wishes Winter 2014 collection which is the wonderful creme black base layer. 

I simply used arc-shaped nail vinyls to tape off the half-moon cuticle area, added various glitters, and removed the vinyls.  I had to go in with a second layer of glitter for some of the nails.  I originally wanted to do a mix of finishes, using creme and glitters, but Illamasqua- Gamma was not opaque enough in one coat, so I topped it with glitter too. I finished off some of the nails with rectangular, patinaed gold studs.

What do you think?
What will you be wearing on your nails for Halloween?


  1. These are so chic, I love it! I'm with you in that I haven't really felt into Halloween this year. I'm just going to wear a themed polish, not do any nail art. Probably KBShimmer Kiss & Spell.

  2. I like how edgy and bold these are! The glittery parts of the half moon manicure really stand out here.

  3. Love it! So simple, yet so pretty! :)

  4. Happy Halloween!!! I LOVE these autumn coloured half moons!! The combo with black made them look super gorgeous!! :D

  5. Thank you!! It reads a little Egyptian to me? But I don't mind! Thanks for looking. :)

  6. Thanks! It turns out that a pure black base is such a good canvas for glitter, LOL!

  7. Thanks Kirbs! And I think a themed polish is honestly the way to go!

  8. awesome design, elegant and stylish but still very good for Halloween. I really love it :)