October 22, 2014

Fall MoYou Stamped Skittle Nails [Nail Art]

I've been admiring everyone's Autumn-inspired manicures, so I went hunting for stamping images of leaves...and realized I actually don't have any! Isn't that crazy?! Of course this just means more future MoYou shopping, probably.

Anyway, I came up with this skittle manicure. I don't think any of the images are Fall-themed, per se, but the colors are!

Thumb: Indigo Bananas- Gods & Monsters with Kleancolor- Metallic Mango for stamping.
Index:  Indigo Bananas- Gods & Monsters with Kleancolor- Metallic Orange & Metallic Fuchsia for stamping.
Middle: Orly- Buried Alive, studs.
Ring: Orly- Glam Rock with Kleancolor- Metallic Red for stamping.
Pinkie: Indigo Bananas- Gods & Monsters with Kleancolor- Metallic Orange & Metallic Fuchsia for stamping.

Both images are from MoYou London- Pro XL 05.  The ring finger has the same stamp as the thumb, I just taped off a triangle first, stamped, and then removed the tape.

This design looked really nice in natural light, when you could view everything without the key lights (it's already metallic enough), but unfortunately I didn't really have enough to photograph by!

In other news, Ham is currently at the vet's undergoing minor surgery today to remove a small bump under his eye which will then be biopsied. :/  It could be nothing- a cyst, or it could be some kind of tumor, so all I can do is hope for the best.  I'm worried about my little guy!


  1. This is really cute, you're so good at skittles! Poor hammy, I am keeping him in my thoughts, be sure to update him!! Mugen has had a couple of weird bumps lately which the vet said are just skin tags but I'm still worried, so I can totally understand. Hoping for the best for Ham!

  2. Love this, very cute and creative! I'll be thinking of your little Hammy, hope all is well!

  3. This is such a pretty skittle. Love the warm golden tones to it.

  4. Thanks! Yea, I was worried just because of where it was located and how it was growing. o_0 Waiting on the biopsy!