October 3, 2014

Empty Empty Empty: August & September

Wow! August and September flew by! Anyone else feel that way? Here is my beauty-related garbage I've been diligently hoarding to show you! (Here's a link to all past Empties posts in case you're into that sort of thing.)

Let's get started!

TRESemmé Naturals Vibrantly Smooth Conditioner with Coconut Oil and Jojoba Extract
This conditioner has a really good reputation online for its price point. It's silicone-free, and for a silicone free product, it has an amazing amount of slip...and I just love it. I am currently using it to co-wash, and it works very well for that too. It's not too heavy and, spreads throughout your hair easily, cleans just enough, and somehow manages to condition at the same time. Also smells really, really nice! This came in a two pack, and I am already working on my second one. Will repurchase.

Batiste Dry Shampoo- a hint of colour: dark & deep brown
So far, this is my favorite dry shampoo I've tried! I wrote about it already in my current beauty favorites, but I still love it and will repurchase! The only downer for me is that stores locally don't tend to carry the colored Batiste, so I have to order online. It absorbs your hair funk!

Eva-NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask
This came to me in an Ipsy bag, and it took me a while to deplete this deluxe sample since I tend to avoid silicones in my hair products. So, I ended up just using it to treat the ends of my hair in the shower. It smells like a mixture of fruit x floral, and I don't think the scent is offensive. But, look at the PACKAGING! How cute?! I think I just love gradients...

Anyway, I didn't notice any real difference in the condition of my hair, so I won't repurchase this. People that don't avoid silicones might like it!

Paula's Choice RESIST Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 30
I've also already spoken about this sunscreen in a current beauty favorites. One thing I forgot to mention before is that, after you apply it, it subtly mattifies the skin, which I know many people like, myself included. If you have super dry skin, you might not like that, or you might have to more heavily moisturize the night before (sunscreen should be the first layer on your skin in the morning.)

The cap on this guy stopped closing completely for some reason, so that was annoying- but maybe just a fluke. I'm already using my backup of this product, and Paula's Choice continues to be my favorite skincare in general!

Skinn Olive & Enzyme Cleanser
Another product from Ipsy! At first I was disappointed because I don't normally like to try many new skincare products- especially cleansers. My skin is sensitive, so I don't like to mess with my oil cleansing routine. But, I threw this in the shower, and found myself loving it before I knew it! Guys, it smells like yellow cake. Not fake yellow cake. Like you are about to shove cake in your mouth, and I found that very entertaining. The consistency is like a very liquid balm, I guess, and it didn't dry my skin out or make it feel tight. One drawback is that I wouldn't call this a mask simply because it was too thin and liquidy to actually remain on your skin for long.

Glow by Dr. Brandt Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracreme
Here's a product I didn't actually finish. I was going to try and power through this deluxe .25oz sample size, but I just couldn't do it. I got this in an Ipsy bag too. I'd been wanting something with retinol to use around my eyes, but this started to separate out in the tube and really grossed me out. It also stings a little when you apply it. I've since begun using another retinol product, and don't experience that, so I think this is just not for me.

Orofluido Beauty Elixir 
This is a tiny little sample size, and though it's marketed as a beauty elixir, I think it's mostly intended as a hair oil? At any rate, that's what I used it for- just to add a little moisture to my ends once in a while. It's got Argan oil, Linseed oil, and Cyperus oil, and is about the texture of olive oil- so, pretty thick. The scent is a bit musky! I actually like it a lot, though some people might object to it being too strong.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Coconut Lime
I mentioned the body butter that came in a duo-pack with this set here. The scent of this sugar scrub is exactly the same as the body butter, and that is a good thing! I really liked this sugar scrub. The particles in it are coarser than what's in the scrubs Qtica makes; so, it's better for your legs/ body as opposed to the more delicate skin of your hands, which I prefer the Qtica scrubs for. I am excited to try more Tree Hut products and scents, because so far I've been really impressed!

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
A tiny sample I picked up in the dollar bin at Target. I don't have strong feelings either way about this lotion except I found it pretty light and fast-absorbing. I probably wouldn't repurchase a full size.

Up&Up Lubricant Eye Drops
These were mediocre as far as eye drops go. Not bad, and not great- but I do have high expectations for eye lubrication, lol! They are more liquidy than gel-like, and comfortable to use.

Demeter Jasmine Roll On Perfume Oil
I received this in an Ipsy bag...and love it! I thought I wasn't much for floral scents, but jasmine has a nice earthy, darker quality that I love, and this roll on is a simple, straightforward jasmine fragrance that smells just like the real thing. I was super sad though, because this traveled with me to Colorado, and when I returned it had either evaporated or leaked out somewhere (although there was no mess and nothing smells heavily of jasmine.) I already have this in my Amazon shopping cart ($10 prime eligible) for the next time I make an order.

OPI Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener
Well, I have talked about this so much, I'll just direct you to a previous post. It's still my most relied-upon nail hardener, although it's always disappointing when the tiny bit in the bottom is too gluey to use. 

ALIQUID Lacquer Lip Balm in Lavender Honey
The label almost completely wore away, so you can tell I loved this product. I totally obliterated this balm, and I get a great sense of satisfaction when I use an entire tube up! It's got mango butter, apricot kernel oil and olive oil, and doesn't feel waxy at all the way Burt's Bees can. I did have to re-apply it frequently, but I think that is the nature of oils. It did really help keep my lips hydrated!

Tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder
I haven't used a ton of finishing powders in my life, but I do like this one. It is super, super fine milled, and gives such a nice, almost blurred natural finish to your skin. Now, whether the same thing exists in a cheaper product is the question.

One thing I didn't like about the packaging here is that you get one tiny hole in the middle of the sifter, and when you get near the end of the product, it's extremely difficult to tap any out onto the lid. I had to remove the sifter after a while. That's just a minor drawback. Although, I will say, for such a high-end product ($32) the quality of the plastic feels really cheap to me, and the lid never wants to thread correctly on the jar! Probably won't repurchase due to the price, but I did really like it!

Covergirl Clump Crusher by Lashblast in black brown
I finally broke down last month, and decided I had to try this mascara based on all the hype. Well, I liked it but didn't love it! It definitely didn't clump for me, so at least that claim is true. There is something about the bristles on the brush that grip your lashes to comb the product through. This really doesn't volumize though, and I didn't like the way it looked layered upon itself. It also dried out in about a month, so that was a bit of a let-down! Overall, pretty nice while it lasted, but maybe not worth the hype unless you already have super full, dense lashes and don't need a ton of volume.

And...that's it!

Have you guys tried any of these products? 



  1. Oh how I wish I could get Demeter perfume here, I want that Jasmine roll-on! Lavender Honey sounds like a great scent for a lip balm, too :)

  2. I'm obsessed with Paula's Choice too! And once I have more moneys I need to start getting waterproof labels for the lip balms. They are so much pricier :-(

  3. Nice empties! You finished a lot of stuff these last two months! I just did a really collective empties post on my blog too.

  4. I absolutely adore posts like these! I'm so excited you wrote about the Demeter fragrance, because I was looking for an affordable jasmine scent after falling in love with Lush's Flying Fox Shower Gel! I just love the scent of it. So I'm definitely going to check out the Demeter fragrance. And I just ordered Aliquid's lip balm in pumpkin cheesecake, can't wait to try it out!

  5. How was the scent on the dry shampoo? I'm dying to find one that isn't overly perfumed!

  6. Do you find bits of colored pieces from the dry shampoo fall out from it? I've heard people say that about it so I've never tried it.

  7. I tried the Orofluido Beauty Elixir as well, but it was not overwhelming, I prefer the Maroccan Oil Argan Oil :) For the dry shampoo, I don't know how to use it obviously. Many people are raving about it, but when I brush it out of my hair, my hair looks even worse, like straw, and not clean at all. so weird!

  8. Aw, sadness! Well, I did some Googling, and there are definitely other brands that make a simple jasmine roll on perfume oil, so maybe you could try that?

  9. YES! Isn't PC the best?! Yea, the label doesn't really bug me, because it looked great initially, and you can definitely tell the product is quality on the inside, which is what matters. :)

  10. Thanks! I will check it out Lisa!

  11. Ooooh, the pumpkin cheesecake sounds tasty!

  12. Hmmm, unfortunately I already tossed it, or I'd go back and try to re-smell it for you, lol. I don't remember it being too heavy or bothering me. I think it's supposed to be slightly floral, but I don't remember it sticking around on your hair long after you use it.

  13. LOL! No, I don't! I think these darker colored ones can show up on your skin if you don't apply carefully, but it's not really pieces...just like think slightly brown cornstarch-ish fine powder...wipes off easily.

  14. Yea, it totally can make your hair look like straw- it definitely texturizes it for a matter look, so some people might not like that. You have to really work it in and brush it through to get it to absorb some of the excess oil.

  15. Haha, thanks! It is just SUCH a tasty smell, (I choose not to eat sugar, so using it on my face was so luxurious!) :)

  16. I always love seeing everyone's empties. :)