September 20, 2014

Random China Glaze Skittle [Nail Art]

Happy Saturday, everyone! Woo! This is just a quick post to share this [admittedly, beat up] skittle manicure, which I was initially not going to show.  But, I ended up loving the color combination so much, that I took some quick photos!

Index: China Glaze- Intelligence, Integrity, & Courage
Middle: China Glaze- The Grass Is Lime Greener
Ring: China Glaze- Boundary of Memory
Pinkie: China Glaze- Nice Caboose!

Both polishes I recently acquired from The Giver collection are here. I'm really pleased with Boundary of Memory- it's beautiful and really sparkly in person. Intelligence, Integrity, & Courage is a little underwhelming to me (and slightly watery), but I do have a lot of grey cremes.

The Grass Is Lime Greener is bright and gorgeous, but the formula is difficult, and also chipped by the eleventh hour. Nice Caboose! is from the new Fall 2014 All Aboard collection, and I'll be showing you proper swatches of it soon!

I loved this color palette for some reason! My boyfriend thought it looked crazy and didn't go together at all.  

What do you think?

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