September 29, 2014

Picture Polish- Fool's Gold [Swatch]

Here's another from the recent set of Blogger Collaboration shades: Picture Polish- Fool's Gold!  (I've previously shown Unicorn from the same collab set.)  Fool's Gold was created with The Nailasaurus.

Fool's Gold is a beautiful aqua crelly base filled with small, yellow-gold hexagonal glitters as well as gold microshimmer.

I think the color blue of the base is technically described as turquoise, but to me, this can look bluer in some lighting than I imagine turquoise to be. I don't know, these medium greeny-blues are confusing! At any rate, it's beautiful!

Artificial light, three coats:

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside shade:

See how much cooler-toned of a blue it is in the shade compared to the sun, below?

Formula: The texture is super creamy and just goes on superbly. It's a tad on the sheer side, and I did use three coats for opacity. I was really tempted to stop at two- it was like 95% opaque in indirect light- but I knew it would look even more translucent when exposed to high intensity light sources. I'd say, depending on your polishing style, two coats might be just right for some people, though. 

I also want to mention that it dries fairly glossy, which is always a nice surprise when dealing with glitter mixes! Very nice, overall!

I love this one a lot! At least as much as Unicorn- and, the two together are really making me want to pick up the other two collab shades from this release, Sizzle and Forget Me Not.



  1. This color is gorgeous! I love the shade of blue it is and the gold bits in it. Definitely something i want to pick up now.

  2. Definitely seems more like a blue to me, too! Ugh, the more gorgeous PP shades you swatch the more I'm dying to try this brand out!

  3. Muahaha! Oh you will not be disappointed!

  4. Me too! I think it's such a clean-looking glitter mix. There's enough in it too be interesting, but it's not busy at all!

  5. It looks super pretty, but if it's on the sheer side? I get so impatient after 2 coats :P

  6. Stunning! These are my kind of colors. Aquas, and purples... :)

  7. Yea, I hear yah! At least they were painless coats though!