August 8, 2014

Wavy Chevrons with Zoya Naturel 2 Polishes [Nail Art]

Hey guys! Everyone seems to be making nail art with the Zoya Naturel 2 polishes, so I thought I'd join in! In fact, all polishes used for this design are from Naturel Deux, which I've swatched separately here.

The base color, which I wore few quite a few days prior to sprucing up with nail art, is Zoya- Madeline. I applied slightly wavy chevron guides to tape off the pattern that you see. Then, I used Zoya- Spencer and Zoya- Marnie to sponge a simple gradient. Last, I just removed the chevron stickers and added topcoat.  When doing any kind of taping manicure, it's best to do one nail at a time, because you want to remove the guides or tape while the polish on top is still wet.

I'm not totally thrilled with the evenness of the gradient here, (so splotchy, ahh!) but this was still a nice, understated design.  Also I have no clue where that tip wear came from- sorry! Sometimes it's just not your day!

I think next time, I'll try the normal, non-wavy chevron guides. I think it'll be a crisper look.


  1. These look fantastic! I haven't done chevrons in a while so seeing this makes me want to do one now.

  2. Love it, it's really cute! And a creative way to get a couple more days from a mani :)

  3. I have never done straightforward, normal ones, so I'm looking forward to trying some! I always love how they look, especially with Summer brights. :)

  4. Thaaaank you! Yes, I usually try to plan my nail art around existing base colors, haha!

  5. It is beautiful, and very well realized. Sincere compliments!