July 9, 2014

Illamasqua- Rare [Swatch]

Here is Illamasqua- Rare!  I'm not sure when this color came out, but it's at least a few years old. I just could find no information on that. If you know, please share!

This is going to be a super quick swatch.  I didn't actually intend to swatch/ photograph this one, so didn't properly allocate time in which to do so.  But, I wore it, saw how awesome it was, and knew I needed to take at least a few photos!

Rare is an almost-neon, highlighter yellow creme. I will say that the camera had some trouble with this one.  The truth is just that it can look very changeable depending on the lighting.  It can appear as a screaming highlighter neon, or it can look like a bright, creamy banana yellow.

Artificial light, four coats:

Artificial light plus on-camera strobe:

I had fun wearing this one!

Formula: For a yellow, it's good! It does need four coats for a decent level of opacity, which is a bummer, and your first couple of coats will be streaky. However, it has no issues with cuticle drag or anything else weird, which is a huge boon.  I also experienced no bubbling even though the formula was on the thicker side.

So, not my favorite Illamasqua formula ever, but pretty damn OK for a yellow!

What do you think?


  1. That is such a fun yellow! This is a shade i don't own a lot of or think looks good on me but it looks great on you!

  2. I agree- yellows are hard! I only have three, I think. I think this one only looks ok because it's so bright! Still not especially flattering though, but thanks! ;)

  3. Thanks! I think it's my favorite that I own! I love your yellow video too- coincidence we both posted yellows today! :)

  4. An awesome color. Reminds me of Bubble Gum by NYX from the Girls line. I happened to be wearing that one the day I got engaged. :)

  5. I love this one :) But heck yes, it is terrible to photograph!! and yes, it needs some patience with application, but mine seems a bit better pigmented, I need a coat less. Lucky me ;)