June 3, 2014

Illamasqua- Bacterium [Swatch]

I was rooting around in my folder of un-posted swatches and found this! It's a very un-Summer-like color for you today: Illamasqua- Bacterium.

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe Bacterium was the first Illamasqua I ever bought.  It was just so ugly-pretty I had to have it! Talk about a weird polish to pull you into a brand...

Bacterium is a caramel, grayish-brown base filled with ultrafine silvery blue shimmer which gives it a duochrome feel at certain angles.

Artificial light, three coats:

Window-filtered daylight:

This is a strange color, to be sure, but I find those interesting.  And, on me, it is just that: interesting.  AKA, not the most flattering polish I've ever worn, but I feel it could be great against darker skin tones or olive-complected people.

That said, this is not as abominable on as I thought it would be.  In certain light it clashed slightly with my skin tone, but wasn't garish. Yet, in other lighting, the cool-toned shimmer rendered it almost attractive against my skin. So, strange.  Very interesting play between the warm-toned base and cool-toned shimmer.

Outside, shade:


Formula: It is on the sheerer side, but the consistency is not runny at all- really more on the medium-thick side, and paints on the nail very smoothly.  It is slightly brushstrokey, and the second coat dragged slightly while I was trying to even out the coverage.  I also got a tiny bit of very small bubbling even though I waited between coats and used thin layers.  Three coats were opaque for me.

Not awful, but probably my least favorite Illamasqua formula I've ever tried (other than Pink Raindrops, let's be real).


  1. Its a nice neutral shade but sad to hear the formula wasn't the best on this.

  2. this IS a strange color- but I love it! Stinks to hear the formula isn't that great though D:

  3. Yea, me too. It's not the worst, really, just not on par with usual Illamasqua excellence!

  4. this is also one of my first Illamasquas, I really love this shade!