June 23, 2014

Glam Polish- Sunrise Over Sea [Swatch]

Today I have a shade from a new-to-me indie brand! It's Glam Polish- Sunrise Over Sea, from the recent Festival collection.

Sunrise Over Sea is a teal-aqua jelly base packed with medium and large flakie particles that are green with yellow flash. This is totally a mermaid color!

Artificial light, two coats:

This is one of those colors that refuses to photograph color accurately. It looks so much greener in person due to the color of the flakies and the shimmer (while, for some reason, the camera illuminates the aqua base more); so, I've color-corrected the photos in post. This first shot, above, is the most accurate.

I think this is totally gorgeous in photos, but this color/ finish combination is not my personal aesthetic for an entire manicure.  It's very St. Patrick's Day in person! I think I'll like it much better used in nail art or as a simple accent.  It's still super pretty though- just a little too much for me!

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

Formula: It's totally full to the brim with flakie particles and shimmers, yet the jelly base carries everything wonderfully.  It spreads over the nail so easily. I'm impressed!  I did have some thinness at the tips, but I think a third coat would have remedied that, and in reality it's not something you notice in person.  Other than that, two coats was quite opaque!

What do you think? 

Do you like the combination of super foily, sparkly finish with vibrant bluish-green?


  1. It's beautiful, but you're right in that it's a very particular Summer's green that's pretty intense if you're not on that palette. If it were more blue-leaning...

  2. I like it, but....you know, you said Mermaid, so....I can't help it!

  3. This is amazing, I am drooling over the shots of this polish. You may have sprouted a new lem for me!

  4. What a beauty! I've been meaning to try Glam Polish for some time now.
    You're right, it's pretty in your face. An accent nails of this would make a killer addition to a summery manicure.

  5. The polish is gorgeous! I picked up a few Glam Polish shades from their Rydell High collection, these are more my thing (neon and a little bit of scattered holo), but generally I have to say that the Glam Polish shades stand out to me!

  6. Yes, exaaaactly! It's kinda like how I felt about Zoya's Stassi....too green X shiny.

  7. Uh oh! Sorry about that! ;)

  8. I'm not even sure I fully captured that part...very, very sparkly!

  9. There are so many more I want to try- too bad it's hard to get Australian polish here!

  10. Ooooh, the Rydell High set looks amazing!