June 30, 2014

Fishy Double Stamping On Picture Polish- Bomb Shell [Nail Art]

I've got one of my first attempts at double stamping to show today!

The vibrant, metallic blue base color here is Picture Polish- Bomb Shell, and I used Zoya- Ziv and Zoya- Purity to stamp the designs.  As you can see, Ziv did not stamp very well at all- I just don't think it's opaque enough.  But, I think it makes it look like reflections in/on the water, amirite?

Both stamped images are from MoYou London Sailor Collection- 07. I tried to get all fancy and selectively stamp only certain fish from one of the images, and I think it worked to a certain degree!  You can see the whole design on the ring finger nail.

What do you think?

Have you done any stamping recently?


  1. These are adorable! The double stamping works so well here to add more dimension to the manicure. I love it!

  2. Ziv totally makes it looks like water rippling in the sun! This is super cute!
    I love that damn MoYou plate, the fishies!! I always forget about double stamping.
    Now I want to go for a swim :)

  3. I actually like the effect of Ziv stamped, it does look like reflections on the water :) This is a very cute stamping mani. I haven't done double stamping myself, though I had an idea for one the other day :p

  4. Thank you! It was definitely an experiment!

  5. Thaaaanks!! Double stamping is fun, I plan to do more! :)

  6. Thank You! You totally should if you had an idea- it was fun to do! :D