May 15, 2014

Simple Two-Tone Diagonals with Zoya [Nail Art]

I had an urge to wear Zoya- Nimue (purple) and Zoya- Tao (bluish silver) together, but I was also in a lazy nail art kinda mood, so here are the results!  I just used scotch tape to mark off the diagonal line.

It's a bit on the subtle side, but I liked it!

What's you favorite super simple nail art technique?


  1. That's pretty! I like how subtle the two colors are together too.

  2. Cool! simple but elegant. My favorite nail "art" technique is sticking studs onto my nails :D

  3. This is a GORGEOUS manicure! I definitely would love to try this, how did you get it to be soo smooth? And I'm loving your blog, subscribed! <3