May 7, 2014

Mail-time: The Spoils of Zoya's Earth Day Promo!!!

If you caught my post last weekend on Facebook: know I went a little bit insane during the Zoya Earth Day promotion this year! To be fair, this was my birthday present to myself (it was Monday), and I just can't resist half-price Zoyas! I stocked up on mostly polishes from older collections.

Here's Ham!

He did not know why he was surrounded by tiny glass things which clearly didn't contain anything edible.  He did, however, receive carrot tidbits for his cooperation.

Polishes! Ahhhh!

Can you guys name any of those? Don't worry- I'm gonna name names after a few more pics!

Zoya- Sooki

I might have something pretty similar, but I finally caved and got Sooki to see what all the fuss is about!

I ended up getting a lot of pinks and purples and generally warm colors- strange!

My order qualified for a couple of freebies!

A 2oz bottle of Remove + (yay!) and Qtica Sweet Citrus Sugar Scrub (yay yay!!!) Actually, the sugar scrub somewhat motivated me to spend more than I initially was going to.

I've recently tried another of Zoya's sugar scrubs, the Exotic Mango, which I had gotten free in an order over a year ago but never tried. And, I love it! I didn't truly understand the full awesomeness of sugar scrubs having never used one before, but my hands were so soft and silky afterwards.  So, it's safe to say I'm addicted now! This Sweet Citrus version smells divine.

My order also qualified for a free "Gift Sampler."  I had no idea what that might be, but it turned out to be a trio of polishes!

left to right: Red Door Red, Codie, Ray

Luckily, I didn't already have any of those three shades! If you're wondering, Sooki is darker than Red Door Red, which has a slightly muted quality.

And, finally, I thought I'd line up all these little Zoya soldiers and name them for you! Many of these I have wanted for some time, so I am super thrilled to beef up my Zoya collection (which did not need any beefing, but I am slightly polish-crazed, so....).

Cassi, Natalie, Channing, Colette, Beatrix, Sienna, Sooki

Natalie is my favorite here. It's such an unusual color, and I think it is so beautiful! It's an old polish, from the Classics collection, and I can find no information on what year that was released.  I found myself regretting passing over Channing from the Fall 2013 Satins collection, so I picked that one up!

Charity, Happi, Reece, Lola, Kimber, Mieko, Alegra

Everyone recommends Happi, so I had to find out! Reece is Happi's darker sister (from the same collection- Reverie).  Mieko is also strangely alluring to me.

Yasmeen, Carly, Daul, Tru, Dannii, Zara, Lotus

Purples! I already have a lot of great purples from Zoya, but most of the ones above I see mentioned again and again, so I decided they had to have a home in my stash! I'm most excited for Zara and Lotus, I think!

Marina, Crystal, Skylar, Tallulah, Midori

I selected Marina mostly because I wanted to complete my Fall 2011 Mirrors collection, and it was the only polish I needed.  I also happened to know that it is a beautiful metallic since I had a color spoon of it.

I hemmed and hawed over Crystal; it's like one of the most talked-about Zoya polishes, and I know it's clearly a fan favorite, but I'm just not totally sure it appeals to me greatly.  I'll have to wear it and see!  Now, Tallulah on the other hand, I know I already love. I have wanted Tallulah for a long time, and I have a suspicion it'll become a favorite blue of mine!

Phew! That's It! I almost didn't want to share this mail-time, because I know it's a ridiculous amount of polish to receive all at once. But I'm very, maniacally, excited about these, so in the end I had to share! 


  1. Wow so much new colors to play with! :D

  2. YAY! How exciting to have such beautiful polish pretties in the mail :)

  3. i think I made a similar haul when I fell in love with polish :) I'm sure you'll like Crystal, it is much more fun on the nail! Happi, Midori, Carly, Mason, ... there are many pretties in your haul! And for the record, I like receiving polishes in bulk. There's no reason not to stand bu my addiction :D

  4. Wow, that is so much polish! Talullah is also one of my polishes I'd eye for a long time, but when I finally bought it, it took me ages to actually use. It is so super gorgeous, though!

  5. Ham looks like, "Mommy, what did you do??" LOL

  6. Gorgeous! My order of 8 just arrived, but your amazing photos are making me wish I'd ordered more!

  7. I got Sooki too!!! I'm a sucker for a bright cherry red :b
    You did some EXCELLENT damage!

  8. I think I only have two or three of these! That package must have been so fun to open. :)

  9. OMG, it was!! I was going to photograph the process I was WAY too excited!

  10. Yes, I used to not love reds, but now I do! Very excited to try Sooki.

  11. Ooooh, which did you choose?

  12. Hahaha, I KNOW! (What did I do??!)

  13. I think I am most excited for Tallulah!

  14. I agree! Buying in bulk is better over the long term!

  15. Haha, indeed! The best mail time!

  16. Let's see, Zuza, Charla, Rea, Perrie, Carly, Natty, Tinsley, and Tomoko.