April 28, 2014

Picture Polish- Borealis [Swatch]

Picture Polish- Borealis was released recently with the LE collection which contained a few multichrome limited edition shades.

This might be the first polish I've shown on Polish Hound that is probably HTF at this point, and I'm sorry for that!  According to Picture Polish, there was only enough raw material available to produce 400 bottles of it, so I don't think it will be re-released. I did want to share the awesome color with you though, just for the joy of polish...you know.  

I think I mentioned this in the mail-time post for these LE polishes, but it was my first time really stalking any shop's re-stock; oh you know, sitting there hitting F5 every 20 seconds, like ya do.  It felt crazy, but I think it was worth it, and I am so happy to hoard this one!

Borealis is an indigo/plum/ purple multichrome that sometimes shows gold and blue at the extreme edges as well.  It also contains multichrome glitters as well as the shimmer particles.

Artificial light, two coats over Orly- Liquid Vinyl:

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

Finish up close:

Formula: It's a bit on the syrupy side, but applies to the nail very smoothly. When it dries down, it looks a bit grainy, almost, so topcoat is needed to smooth it and bring out the shimmer. (Looking at my swatches, I probably should have used Gelous or another coat of OTD.) There are also a lot of particles/ glitter/ pigment in this, and I did find that it clumped up slightly in places- wasn't really apparent in photos, though.

If you're trying to wear this without a base color, I think it would take at minimum three coats, but just one over black was very good!  I used two (over black) for swatches because I didn't know if the high-intensity strobe would expose unseen flaws...which sometimes happens.


  1. I love how much depth this color has! Its so neat to see that depending on the light, the color on it changes too.

  2. I want to live in that last macro shot. Unf.

  3. I love how this polish looks in the bottle, on the nail I like it just a bit less. Your swatches are great as always!