April 10, 2014

Mail-time: Picture Polish Extravaganza!

Last week, Ham and I received some highly-anticipated mail! 

Here's Ham in the normal mail-time spot:

It's carried by DHL- it has to be good, right?!

Picture Polish!  This is my first ever Picture Polish order.  I've been admiring them from afar for a long time, but just couldn't quite justify the shipping since it's an Australian indie brand. However, I found out about the 8 shade 'Everyday Deal' they always run.  So guess how many polishes I got? Muahaha!

Something else that really motivated this order were the LE shades, including Aurora and Borealis, which I really, really wanted before they were completely unavailable!  This was the first time I have ever stalked a indie re-stock, and it was a little crazy, but I am so happy I did! 

Inside the outer envelope is a simple bag:

Peering into the bag:

A wrapped polish 'brick' inside of an outer plastic bag:

Let me pause here to say how impressed I was with the packaging! The way the polishes were nested together with bubble wrap in between everything, and then another layer of it on the outside- very secure. There was absolutely no room for anything to shift or crash together. I should have taken more pictures, but it probably would have bored you. (Anyway, it was soooo much better than some polish shippers who throw multiple polishes loose into a thin bubble bag- I'm looking at you, Ulta!)

Polishes unwrapped from bubble brick:

You can see that I bought four of the LE color-shifting polishes (bottom row), as well as four other non-LE shades which I've just been lemming.


The four LE polishes- yum!

Now, I will say that Aurora photographs much bluer than in reality.  It really is a green-leaning teal most of the time (The first photo is the most accurate.)

I love that Picture Polish has the polish name built into the design on the front of the bottle! That way I don't have to type them out!  Keep in mind there is a big difference between Aurora and Gravity- Aurora is much greener in person.

The other four polishes:

Hope was actually one I hadn't heard of until I ordered, but I had to pick an eighth polish, and after I looked up swatches, I was pretty much a goner.  It's gorgeous in person too!

I'm so excited to wear all of these! I've already swatched Borealis, but haven't sorted through the photos yet.

Do you guys have any favorite Picture Polish shades?


  1. Nice nail mail! Cannot wait to see swatches now.

  2. Great choices! I REALLY want those LE polishes!

  3. I'm curious how you will like them!