April 14, 2014

Gradient Stamping with Essie Hide & Go Chic Polishes [Nail Art]

Today I have a little nail art with a couple of the new Essie Hide & Go Chic polishes. 

Essie- Truth or Flare is the overall base color (you can see it sans-gradient on the thumb and index nails).  The gradient is Truth or Flare as well as the darker blue from the same collection, Essie- Hide & Go Chic. The third color is LVX- Cliquot, which I also used for the stamping.

The stamp is from MoYou London Sailor plate- 07, and as you can see it didn't stamp uber-cleanly. I don't know if that's improper squishy stamper technique or what.

I was initially going to swatch the Hide & Go Chic polishes for you, but when I used Truth or Flare, I got ugly bubbling on a couple of nails, so I sort of scrapped the whole idea, since I am behind on swatching stuff anyway (and sometimes you want a weekend not completely consumed by nail polish, ya know?).

Here's what I originally had to say about the formula:

Formula: It is sheer but buildable; the viscosity seems thin at first, but as you paint it on, it appears thicker, somehow.  This was mostly opaque for me in two coats, although I still had some thinner areas, which for swatching required a third coat. 

I used medium-thickness coats, and ended up with bubbling, so I'd be careful with this one.  Frustrating!

I also have Essie- Real Stylish from this same collection, and I miiiight swatch that if I get a chance.  It seems like a nice red.

For now, I thought we could enjoy these nice blues in a gradient!  /words


  1. Oh how pretty is this?! i need to get back into stamping again :)

  2. Oh my gosh I need that stamp!

  3. Beautiful! I'm not an expert with squishy stampers but mine didn't work at first at all, but works wonderfully with my Moyou plates now. Did you try priming it? Sometimes there's a "goo" in the stamper head that needs to be removed, by washing it with dishwasher and/or soap until it's no longer shiny. You may also try cleaning it with non-acetone remover. If that doesn't work filling it slightly (veeeery light handed) works too :) HTH!

  4. Thank you! I am going to try to prep it with the dish soap method next time!