March 5, 2014

Pink to Purple Gradient [Nail Art]

Here's another attempt at a sponged gradient that I used to spruce up a day-old manicure.

There were so many disasters that happened with this design- it was not destined to be the flawless, smooth gradient I was imagining.  Oh well, I think it's important to show the semi-"nail fails" as well as more successful manicures!

The base color is OPI- Elephantastic Pink (swatch coming!), and the gradient is composed of Elephantastic Pink, Milani- Orchidia, and Zoya- Pinta.

Deborah Lippmann- Boom Boom Pow is the glitter on the accent nails, and its base subtly changed OPI- Elephantastic Pink below to look more coral, and much less pink.  Boom Boom Pow is so gorgeous though!

You can see I got a ton of bubbling- soooo yucky! This has happened to me twice now doing gradients, and I haven't figured out why.  Maybe the sponge was too wet with polish, or I am not letting the whole thing dry long enough before topcoat?  I'm mystified, because I didn't really glop the polish on!

The darkest color also got transported and smudged to the top of my nail when I was applying topcoat, so I guess the whole thing wasn't dry enough.  AND, to top it all off, I think Milani- Orchidia was a poor choice to pair with the other two colors in the gradient since it is about twice as sheer, so it didn't really blend well, and as a result there's far too much dark purple, proportionally!

Sometimes nail polish is hard!


  1. Lovely gradient! The purple and pink work so well together :)

  2. Beautiful look! :)

  3. Elephantastic Pink is one of my all time favorites!! Anyhow the gradient is nice and I think maybe indeed the polish was too wet (aka the sponch too drenched), because thats when the bubbling happens to me also. or maybe you just weren't in luck, that's also always a possibility! Luckily the bubbling is hard to see if you don't hold your nails in anyones face, so I hope people admired your pretty gradient!

  4. I've had it for a few months, but finally wore it and loved it! I'll have a swatch up soon- LOL, not that you need it!

    I probably was out of luck, but next time I'll just give it more drying time I suppose!

  5. Aw, thanks! Well, it wasn't as bad in person because I know no one looks so closely, but stiiiiill! I'm on a quest to perfect gradients!