March 15, 2014

Mail-time: I Love Nail Polish!

I was so stoked to receive this little box this week since I Love Nail Polish is definitely one of my favorite indie brands!

I tried to get Ham in on the action, but he was more interested in his gangly cow toy:

Then, of course, since I gave it to him, he assumed it was something tasty:

^the face of disappointed resignation

The goods:

Ah! I love their tissue paper.  All of the packaging is so adorable!

I could eat these up!

Bottle shots:

left to right: Dreaming in Violet, Nostalgia (H), Sirene

These are three polishes from I Love Nail Polish's recent Spring 2014 collection- two are from the Ultra Chromes, and one is from the Pastel Holos subset.  To be honest, my greedy little heart wanted every shade in this collection, but I had to restrain myself!

Sirene (foreground) and Nostalgia are definitely oil spills in a bottle- love it!

Dreaming in Violet is a lovely pastel lilac holographic.

And...just a shot of the labels, because the attention to detail with this brand is so impressive:

...color-coded!!  I am a nerd.

OK, so I'm planning to swatch all of these, sunlight pending. I do think I will show them in three separate posts, though, to keep things on schedule.


  1. Ah these are stunning! The packaging was so awesome too.

  2. Dreaming in Violet looks AMAZING!!! And Ham looking dapper as always! :)

  3. Poor Ham, he doesn't know the amazingness he's missing out of lol
    Those are some gorgeous polishes! I need to go and figure out if they have international shipping. I haven't gotten any of these new multichromes, but clearly I need them. Looking forward to see your manis with these :)

  4. Haha, he doesn't! I believe both the website and her Etsy shop ship internationally! And I'd definitely recommend all of the chomres!

  5. I am so excited about that one. I was indecisive about it at first, but once I had it in my hands- no regrets!

  6. I always love your pics, including Ham :)

    I got this same packaging as I ordered four polishes: the same Violet, Charmingly Purple, Mega, and Kings and Queens. I've worn Charmingly Purple, it was awesome. Just an amazing brand!!

  7. The "disappointed" picture of Hambone is the cutest thing ever