March 11, 2014

Illamasqua- Velocity [Swatch]

Today I have Illamasqua- Velocity to show you!

This is not a new polish; it was released in Fall of 2009 as part of the Dystopia collection. I've been trying to work through my Illamasqua Untrieds lately- it's my favorite mid-higher end commercial brand, for sure- so I want to try every Illa in my stash, STAT!  (I have 10 / 57 left to try, as of this post!)

Velocity is a medium-tone, smokey purple creme.

Artificial light, two coats:

Window-filtered daylight:

I am really hoping this one holds up long enough for me to do some nail art on top! It's such a lovely base color....I'm thinking something...gradient...probably?

Outside, shade:

Formula: Fantastic, in a word. I wasn't initially going to swatch this color for you, as my schedule is pretty full, but when I realized the formula was awesome, I knew I had to talk about it.

Illamasqua is always on the ball with their creme finishes, and this is no exception. It's opaque in two easy coats (almost one), and applies flawlessly with no hiccups- very forgiving! A++  Could every creme be like this one...please??


  1. What a pretty shade of purple! Never tried anything from this brand but great to hear that the formula is great :)

  2. This looks close to the Pantone Color of the Year, doesn't it? Maybe a touch lighter? So pretty for spring!

  3. I was wearing this yesterday and I realized again how awesome this color is. Apart from the absolute perfect application the color never gets boring.
    In other news: You have 57 Illamasquas?!

  4. Thank you! I think this color would look great on everyone too. :)

  5. Yes! I think maybe lighter and more faded?

  6. The formulas in their normal finishes (anything not textured or waaaay glittery) are superb!

  7. Haha, I do! Except there may be 3 of the new shattered stars polishes in the mail. Perhaps? Illas are like crack to me! No, no, there is no way that I have a problem. :D