March 7, 2014

Formula X for Sephora- Hyped [Swatch]

Formula X for Sephora- Hyped is from the 'Electrics' collection. (I previously reviewed Kapow! here, also from the same line.)

I've had this baby...basically since the Formula X brand debut, and it's been staring at me from my nail racks- so, I finally put it to use!

Hyped is a vivid, warm-toned medium purple (radiant orchid?) with electric blue and light purple glassfleck-type shimmer throughout, which lends the polish a contrasting cool-on-warm-tone look in most lighting. Very neat.

Artificial light, three coats:

This color is...glorious!  It actually looks really neat with its natural satin-matte finish, but I added topcoat to prolong the life of the manicure.  If you're a purple lover, you need this one in your life, trust me!

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

Up close:

Formula: It has a medium consistency which dries extremely quickly to a satin-matte finish.  It doesn't seem to self-level at all, so you have to work quickly. This will drag bald patches if you go over at area too many times or paint too slowly.

The second coat goes on a bit more easily, but I used a slightly thicker coat.  I still had VNL in strong light after two coats, and I wanted to even out some un-leveled areas, so I used three.  This has a less-than-stellar formula, just like Kapow!, but the color is so worth the effort.

I also wore this one for about two days, and by the second day I had much more wear and chipping than normal for me, even though I used topcoat.  Just something to mention!

What do you think?


  1. I have yet to try this line of polishes from Sephora but from what I've seen so far, they have some great shades. This one looks amazing!

  2. Oh wow, this is awesome!

  3. Interesting colors. I always want more neutrals for my office job but not at all the colors I associate with the muppets! Where's a bright pink for miss piggy and a Kermit green. I can see they were probably going for a more, erm, marketable? Color scheme, but I would love a Kermit green nail polish if only for the sake of my childhood :)

  4. I think it's one of the prettiest purple [non-cremes] I own!

  5. They do! The formulas in the Electrics line are kinda 'meh,' but the glitters that I have tried have been pretty nice, and the one creme I have is good too!