March 19, 2014

Deborah Lippmann - Good Girl Gone Bad [Swatch]

Today I'm excited to share Deborah Lippmann - Good Girl Gone Bad with you!

Before I ever owned any Deborah Lippmann polishes, this was the first shade that made me worried I'd get that dangerous collecting snowball rolling! I secretly lemmed it for a long time before picking it up on recently, when they had a great deal. 

Good Girl Gone Bad is a raspberry base filled with gorgeous garnet pink shimmer. I think Deborah Lippmann describes the overall color as 'cabernet,' and I can see that, but if you've ever seen raw, unfinished garnet, that's definitely what this shade is reminiscent of to me!

Artificial light, two/three coats:

Window-filtered daylight:

It is even more gorgeous in person! I never wanted to find myself raving about a Deborah Lippmann, but *welp*, here we are!

Outside, shade:


Formula: It has a medium viscosity and goes on pretty smoothly, considering all the shimmer.  It dries down fairly quickly, and seems semi-matte, so will need top coat to bring out the shimmer. The base deepens quite a bit after the second coat, and is just about perfectly opaque.

I did use three coats on my pinkie and ring nails, though, since I'd started out with thinner-than-necessary coats on those nails.  Pictures reveal thinner areas near my cuticle on some nails, but that wasn't apparent in person.

I haven't noticed anyone mention this, but this one stains like mad! Just an FYI!  I wore OPI- Original Nail Envy underneath, which I know doesn't protect super well against staining, but I can't remember the last reddish polish that stained this badly.  Personally, it doesn't bug me too much since I wear polish 99% of the time, but I know it could be a deal-breaker for others!


  1. Such a pretty shade! Love the shimmer. I'm so in love with your lighting in your pictures!

  2. Seriously, is there anything deborah lippmann can do wrong... LOVE the shade!!!

  3. I feel the same way! Maybe doubling up on a different basecoat would help?

  4. Aw, thank you! Lighting is something I am constantly working on with nail photos and photography in general. That is literally the best compliment you could give me! :3

  5. I know!!!!! And the worst is that now that I have a few, I want them alllllll!

  6. Oh that is so gorgeous!