February 9, 2014

Misa- High Brow [Swatch]

Misa- High Brow is from the recent Blink of an Eye Fall 2013 collection.  It's still deep, deep Winter here in Chicagoland, so I don't feel bad showing such a dark color!

High Brow is a deep, cool-toned, eggplant purple base with dense burgundy microshimmer.

Artificial light, two coats:

Window-filtered daylight:

This might be the quintessential Fall-Winter polish: "Vampy," dark, and rich!

I do want to apologize for the graininess in some of these photos.   There's just not a lot of natural light in Wintertime, here, so I end up having to really jack up the ISO- hence, noise. Hopefully, you can still get a feel for the color.

Outside, shade:

Partial sun:

Formula: It's thick, pigmented, and applies fairly smoothly.  This does dry (pretty quickly) to a satin-matte finish, so topcoat is needed to bring out the shimmer.  Two coats were all I needed!

I was very happy with this formula until I completed my manicure, and not two minutes later, bubbles appeared.  The biggest bummer of all bummers.  So, it is best to apply this in thin layers, and wait in between coats until it's dry to the touch before proceeding. When I did those two things, I ended up with a bubble-free manicure.

I also have Eye Candy, from this same collection, but it's just a red shimmer- not nearly as interesting as this one.  I will swatch it though, if I get a chance!


  1. This is the only one I want from the collection.... and I think it's so pretty!

  2. I'm so obsessed with shades like this one, it's gorgeous!