February 23, 2014

Mail-time: OPI Brazil Polishes!

Welcome to another unconventional mail-time!

At first, Hambone was pretty bored with the whole holding-bottles-which-don't-actually-contain-food thing:

But then I mentioned "potato:"

...which are dried sweet potato chews he loves.  It is so easy to bribe dogs. So. Easy.

Let's take a look at the polishes!

left to right: Live. Love. Carnaval, Toucan Do It If You Try, Where Did Suzi's Man-go?, Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

*Sigh* OPI comes up with some real groan-worthy names, let me tell you.

I picked a lot of the warm shades, as well as the pinky-neutral.

I've already photographed swatches of these polishes, but I still have to sort images and edit.  I think these will be behind the Zoya Awaken (and Monet) in the swatch queue though, as far as posting goes.


  1. Ahhhhh those wall shelves! And that face!! Totally love these pictures and want to hang out in your polish den :D Tell us, are they indeed rubbery finishers? Can't wait to see the Awaken swatches!


  2. Lol! They're not rubbery at all! So strange, I read that about them too at first. I *did* swatch them with topcoat, but without they all dry like normal cremes...not the glossiest EVER, but normal shiny. And you are welcome in the polish den!!

  3. All I can do is focus on the wall o' polish. You picked some great shads from the Brazil Collection.

  4. Looks like some great colors here! Can't wait for swatches!