February 19, 2014

Gradient Glittery Stampy Mermaid Thing [Nail Art]

Yes...this is a thing. I was going for an ethereal, underwater, scaly? feel, but didn't really have the right stamps for that.

The base is a gradient made with Formula X for Sephora- Photoelectric and Formula X for Sephora- Beacon, just sponged on top.  The glitter on some of the nails is Nyx- Turquoise Glitter.

And, for stamping, I used Illamasqua- Nomad, which stamped a little sheerer than I would have liked.

The stamp didn't transfer too cleanly, not sure why.  I might've pressed down on the nail too hard. 

The design is from Bundle Monster plate BM-403, by the way, which is part of the 'Create Your Own' set.


  1. Well, this "thing" is quite pretty, lol :) I like the subtlety of the stamping, too, it allows the gradient to peek through, which looks very cool :)

  2. Haha, thank you! Yea, sometimes the subtle stamping works out!

  3. ahh gorgeous! Wish I could make mine look like that haha

  4. I have the CYO plates too, and I've always wanted to use that design but I get intimidated because it seems SO BIG and I feel like it would be hard to place evenly on my nail or something. I actually do like that it stamped a little sheer here, goes with the iridescent/mermaid theme!