February 4, 2014

Formula X for Sephora- Photoelectric [Swatch]

Formula X for Sephora- Photoelectric is a saturated glassfleck finish with a teal base. The particles shift from bright blue to purpley- indigo at oblique angles in certain light.

Artificial light, three coats:

This is a very beachy, Summery color- and at the same time, it's festive and maybe appropriate for the Holidays since it's such a saturated jewel tone. 

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

Here's the finish up close:

Formula: It's on the thin side and also a little bit sheer, although applies over the nail surface very nicely.  This took three coats for opacity, for me, but application was a breeze, so I didn't really mind.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the pink sheen to it.

  2. No no no no no! I don't need ANOTHER Formula X on my wishlist, how could you do this to me? ;) Glass flecks with colorflash are gorgeous and Photoelectric is no exception! I love these pictures. It's immediately reminding me of some of Indigo Banana's colorflashing fleck polishes, would you say it's similar to those or in its own category?

    1. It actually reminds me of Telephasic Workshop, so go for the Indigo Bananas! I think the color shift is less strong in the Formula X. :)

    2. Awesome, thanks! Absolutely love my bottle of Telephasic Workshop so I'll stick with that :D

  3. I love those electric shades of blue! Beautiful photos, too!