January 15, 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine- Hypnautical [Swatch]

Hi guys! I'm officially back from vacation, and while there [for two weeks] I only bought two polishes. They're both from the new Sally Hansen Triple Shine line, and I'll be showing you one of them, Hypnautical, today!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine- Hypnautical is a mix of shifty blue- green glitter in a slightly teal-tinged base.  There are also sparse greenish flakie particles. This polish is meant as an overcoat or topper to be layered on top of other polishes.

I think this type of color combo looks best over something dark, so I chose to layer it over OPI- Lincoln Park After Dark for these swatches, since I know there are swatches over plain black on the internet already.

Artificial light, two coats over base color:

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

The glitters in this are really very shifty.  I had a fun time wearing it!

Partial sun:

Formula: It's nice! It goes on smoothly, but does smell fairly strongly.  The suspension base carries the glitter mix well, and I like the density as well. One coat was a sweet spot for me, for layering, but this might look pretty nice built up to more opaque levels...

About the packaging: I'm ambivalent about the bottle shape.  I like the long, skinny, coffin look aesthetically, but I fear these tall bottles won't fit in many of the storage solutions that many people commonly use to store polish- like Helmers, Melmers, ect.  The outer cap does pop off to reveal a smooth, round brush handle.

The brush is very wide, flat, and rounded at the tip, which I personally love and find lovely to use.  I do know some people have issues with wide brushes though.

The bottle only holds .33 oz, which is on the smaller side for most drugstore lines.  At a retail price around $4.99, these aren't the bargain that they seem, since the bottle holds so little. However, who finishes a bottle of polish anyway? Actually, with toppers, now that I think of it, I do tend to deplete them faster...

What do you think?


  1. This is really pretty, I might have to pick this one up! Great swatches.

    1. It is so pretty in the bottle, I was a little worried, but do not regret! Also love the other one I got, Sparks Fly- probably won't get a chance to swatch it, but it's just your basic silver hex mix for the most part. Nice though!