November 16, 2013

Mail-time: Cirque Alchemy & Arcus Polishes!

A few days ago, Hambone discovered a little envelope!


I wanted to show you this promotional card:

On the back it says, "Tears featuring Cirque Vectors from The Alchemy Collection 2013."  The look is interesting and editorial and everything, but I can't help cringing at the thought of NAIL POLISH near my EYES.  That poor model.  (Also what's up with the half-concealed eyebrows?)

The presentation and packaging is beautiful as always...

Let me just say how disappointed I am that Cirque abandoned their corner-style paper labels.  Those were so unique and distinctive- I'm sorry to see them go:

left to right: Cirque- Arcane Fire, Cirque- Magnum Opus, and Cirque- Electric Circus, which is not from the Alchemy collection but from this Summer's Arcus collection.

I'm excited to play with Electric Circus over various base colors...

These two Alchemy polishes really called my name!  I've already swatched Arcane Fire (and it's lovely), but I will have to wait for a nice sunny day to properly show Magnum Opus since it's holographic...


  1. I'm pretty sure it's just the glitter used in the polish on that model, not the polish itself. It would be glossy and hard to edit into such a matte look; plus, both polish and remover and their fumes would be highly irritating for the skin and eyes, so it'd be a veeery health-and-safety unfriendly shoot. :)

    And I don't understand her eyebrows, either. x)

  2. Yeah, those eyebrows are weird! These look so pretty. I got some cirque for my santee, first time ordering from them, nearly wanted to keep them when they came, the packaging is so pretty!

  3. Ooh, can't wait to see that neon glitter swatched!