November 20, 2013

Formula X for Sephora- Demolition [Swatch]

Formula X for Sephora- Demolition, part of the "Xplosives Top Coats" line, is a unique glitter topper that contains an interesting mix of matte glitters in a clear suspension base.

One coat over Illamasqua- Stance:

I'm not the biggest glitter-lover, I have to admit, but this completely won me over. I think that the glitters being matte, yet pastel and bright at the same time, is very interesting.  I think it would look nice over many different colors.

It might look as though some of the bigger glitters are curling, but they're as flat as they can be- it's just the curvature of my nail.  So, if they're placed anywhere but centered on top of the nail, the edges don't adhere perfectly to the surface.  This is mostly just apparent in photos, and it wasn't pronounced enough to bug me.

My favorite are the chartreuse hexes!

Formula: It's very nice for a glitter topper! You do not have to fish for anything, and the base carries the glitter very well without being gluey or too thick. To apply this I used a hybrid of normal painting and dabbing- just to fill in sparser areas.  One coat was a nice density for me, but it could look interesting at two... 


  1. Very pretty! Glad to see the big brands are finally starting to get it, in terms of more creative, indie-type polishes.

    1. I know, right?! The other I can think of offhand is Revlon, but they mostly do a lot of duping. That's what makes the Formula X line so exciting!

  2. It looks so much fun! Have you tried it over a grey? I've been wanting to see how it looks over grey ;)

  3. Stunning! The new X polishes from Sephora looks super cool, makes me wish we had one in my country :(!

  4. looks great! I didn't know you can get such polishes at Sephora, I will have to go there and check them out ;)