October 26, 2013

UV Glow Halloween Sugar Skulls & Gradient! [Nail Art]

Look guys!  I did some nail art!  I was really excited to try sugar skulls, and I know they're more for Dia de los Muertos, but I think they're still appropriate for Halloween.

I wasn't in the mood for typical Halloween orange and black, so I chose purple and green. The gradient is a base of Illamasqua- Omen with Illamasqua- Seance and Illamasqua- Baptiste sponged on top. The white of the sugar skulls is Zoya- Purity.

The coffin stamp, which I placed so crookedly (lol), is from Bundle Monster plate BM-402.

Other supplies used were a black Stripe Rite striper, dotting tools, rhinestone tweezers, and a small nail art brush.

And, guess what?  Some of these polishes glow under blacklight- yay!

I'm really pleased with how these turned out considering I hardly ever play with studs/ rhinestones and super glue.  I need to get one of those little suction-y tools that helps you pick them up, I think.