October 23, 2013

Revlon- Rich [Swatch]

Revlon- Rich is from the Evening Opulence Fall/Winter 2013 limited edition collection, which includes four new nail polish shades, total.

The unsightly orange thing on my middle finger is a guitar callus- I apologize!

Anyway, Rich (I detest the name!) is a grungy metallic silver-pewter foil packed with dense yellowy-olive shimmer. I have so many silver foils, and yet when I saw this in the display, I couldn't resist.  I have a foil problem!

Artificial light, two coats:

It really comes off as an olive metallic color in person, and I have to say I don't have anything quite like it!

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:


Up close:

I don't know what to say- I was pleasantly surprised by this one, and am so glad I picked it up. Yay, Revlon!

Formula: It's on the thinner side like most Revlon polishes, but it doesn't pool into cuticles, and can be easily controlled, going on very smoothly. It's fairly pigmented and was opaque in two painless coats.


  1. This is very pretty. It reminds me of Revlon Carbonite!

    1. I don't know that one, but I think Revlon does these foily things rather well.

  2. I also saw this on display and couldn't resist. I'm really glad I bought it though. It's great for winter.

  3. I picked up this color about a month ago and finally used it yesterday! I love it! Very easy application and good coverage in two coats. This is a keeper!
    Celeste :)