October 6, 2013

[Press Release] Essie- Encrusted Treasures for Holiday 2013

Essie has released promotional images for their Holiday collection called Encrusted Treasures! This is a set of six glittery layering polishes to be launched at Essie retailers in November.

Lots of Lux: Shimmering lapis lazuli with a superfine matte finish
Ignite The Night: Sparkling hematite with a superfine matte finish
Hors d’Oeuvres: Platinum gold with iridescent silver glitter

Belugaria: Holographic jet black lace
Peak of Chic: Alpine white holographic rainbow fringe
On A Silver Platter: Pearlescent gold with holographic violet glitter

I am afraid to say that I want all of these and I can't wait for the official launch!  My wallet is already cringing!  Hors d’Oeuvres and On A Silver Platter are particularly enticing!

[Images courtesy of Beautyzine.]


  1. "Superfine matte finish"..does that mean Essie's coming out with textured polishes??

    1. ...Hmm, not sure. I wouldn't be surprised though?

  2. There are swatches for these somewhere. Yes they are textured and freaking discusting. Im serious! Especially the black one!

    1. Oh no! I was hoping they weren't textured. :/

  3. Wow, they went a pretty new direction for this one. I like it!