October 11, 2013

Models Own- Copper Pot [Swatch]

Models Own- Copper Pot is from the Beetlejuice collection released in Summer 2012. 

It's a metallic copper-broze duochrome finish with hints of green (or even chartreuse?) at the edges.  Inside, it mostly just looks like a bright, metallic, dingy orange.

Artificial light, two/three coats:

I have three thinner coats on the index and middle, and two thicker coats on the ring and pinkie nails. I couldn't really tell a difference, and all had visible nail line in strong light.

Window-filtered daylight:

The duochrome effect is not super apparent....and is most noticeable in strong indirect lighting, like outdoor shade.

Outside, shade:


In the sun, it looks like a foil! As you can see there is some nice sparse, tiny sparkly glitter that comes out.

Formula: It's on the sheer side, and also definitely a thin consistency, but it didn't run away into my cuticles. It's also a bit brushstrokey, so painting in straight lines will make it look nicer in the end.

I struggled with bubbling with this formula, even though I tried to use thin coats.  I ended up repainting my middle nail three times, and still has a small amount of bubbling.  

I was able to get away with two thicker coats on my ring and pinkie, and although there is still VNL in some light, the polish is so reflective that you don't really notice it.  If you use really thin coats, you'll probably need three or four- I used three on my middle, index, and thumb nails. 

Next time, I'll try Copper Pot layered over black or white undies.


  1. Your pictures make this nail polish insanely pretty!

    1. Thank you! I just tried to show how it looks in person!

  2. Hot dayamn woman, I instantly "lemm" everything you post LOL. Amazeball pics as always, thanks for sharing :)

    1. Well thanks! I have to say I didn't love wearing this one as much as I thought I would. :/ I think it would look better on nubbier nubs or maybe someone with darker skin.

  3. Welp, your pics have confirmed my need for this polish! Amazing!