October 24, 2013

Mail-time: A Random Nailsupplies.us Order!

Ham found a big box!

Ham demands reward:

Trying so hard not to look at the carrot...


Not trying to not look at the carrot!


First of all, this was an absolutely enormous box compared to what I ordered. I love how nailsupplies.us uses any packaging on hand, haha! I didn't actually get any Orly or Ruby Wing.

Aside from polish, I did get:

Triple Lanolin Aloe Vera lotion which was only $2.55 for 6 oz, a great price, I think! Lanolin is supposed to be awesomely repairing for dry/ damaged skin, and I go through hand cream like a mad woman. Also a metal cuticle pusher. I've been using a rubber-tipped one, but I want to see if this works better.


Two Essies, both from the new Shearling Darling collection, the real reason I placed this order:

Essie- Toggle To The Top, Essie- Sable Collar

Three Misas from the Spring 2013 Prima Ballerina collection:

Misa- Pirouette, Misa- Tutu, Misa- En Pointe

I don't know why I was craving these pinks but I have been eyeing them a while!

A couple (my first!) CND Effects!

CND- Copper Shimmer, CND- Amethyst Sparkle

Finally, three DS OPIs because they had them for pretty cheap:

OPI- DS Magic, OPI- DS Pewter (a new one), OPI- DS Luxurious

Bottley shots:

I don't know how I ended up with 10 polished when I went there to order 2!  They fell into my cart??

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