October 30, 2013

Mail-time: I Love Nail Polish!

Ham the dog found a cute little box!

My first foray into indie brand I Love Nail Polish, made by Barbra of the aptly named blog, blog.ilnp.com:


Such a cute presentation!


Let me just say that the packaging is mega-awesome.  Just super attractive and professional- very boutique-feeling (which is how this polish is described.)

The heart cut-out bottles:

So lovely!

Out of the boxes:

Nobody told me that the caps/ handles have a wonderful grippy, rubbery feeling!  I love that instead of hard plastic.  Very expensive-feeling.

I also love how the labels are color- customized on the bottom:

I've been oogling Cygnus Loop for a long time, so I finally caved, and of course had to pick up another multichrome, Birefringence.  I also decided to try one of her glitter-laden cremes, Strawberry creme.

left to right: Strawberry Creme, Birefringence, Cygnus Loop

I'm planning on swatching all of these in separate posts.  Birefringence (which I'm currently wearing!) will be first, so look for that soon!


  1. The two multi-chromes look so similar. I would like to see them compared. Great haul!

    1. I will, and they are, but I think for most people, they'll be noticeably different on the nail!

  2. Beautiful nail polishes, especially Strawberry Creme and your dog is so cute ^.^

  3. Pretty, can't wait to see Strawberry Creme, looks awesome in the bottle!

    1. I'm excited about that one! I'm not super big on glitter, but it's just so Spring-y.

  4. I love Cygnus Loop! :)

    1. I know you're not alone! I have been hearing raves about it for ages!