October 3, 2013

Bundle Monster Create Your Own Plate Set [Review]

Here are the 2013 Bundle Monster stamping plates called "Create Your Own!" The designs one these plates are fan-created. Very cool.  I don't even stamp that much, but when I saw these, I instantly bought them!

They came in a little plastic pouch:

There are 26 plates in the set, and it retails for $16.99 on bundlemonster.com- an amazing price, I think! I should also mention that Bundle Monster offers free shipping within the US!


If you haven't used Bundle Monster plates before, there's a protective blue film you first have to peel off:

Now let's take a look at the awesome designs!

This very first plate, BM-401, is probably why I bought the set!  Octopus! Tentacle! Swallow!  Also, the geometric full nail patterns on BM-402 are cool!

BM- 403 has some really bold geometric patterns, and BM-404 has some floral-inspired ones.

I'll probably never use that full-bleed 'live*laugh*love' design on BM-405, but the rest are pretty neat. The full-bleed design at the very top of BM-405 is sweet!  Chubby swirls!

BM-407 has anchors with stripes!! 

I love the Bundle Monster included their mascot on BM-409.  Cute! BM-410 has a phoenix and some awesome full-nail designs!

Heartbeat! Owl!  It really amused me that BM-412 has an interlocking dots design...

BM-413 is an entire plate of skulls and Day of the Dead-ish things! BM-414 has a ship steering wheel! AND a fingerprint!

BM-415 is one of my favorites!  Cogs, binary, circuit board, cutest little robot, NES controller!!  BM-416 has Tetris! (Need I say more?!)

Praying mantis, angel wing, and some neat patterns on BM-417.  Some Biohazard stuff on BM-418.

I think the feathers on BM-419 are pretty.  I hope they stamp well.

Hmm, these two plates are both okay.  I do really like the full-bleed diamond pattern on BM-422. Also brick wall!

BM-423 has thick chevrons!! BM-424 has pandas AND bamboo!

Lastly, BM-425 has some sweethearts candy-inspired sayings.  (I'll never use "FLIRT.") BM-426 has knuckle tattoo-inspired L-O-V-E & H-A-T-E!

About the sizes of the designs: the full-bleed nail images are roughly ~1.6 cm long and ~1.3cm wide. (I think the Holiday set, and the third BM set are the same.) I found them to be quite big actually! Some of the bigger images which are not full-bleed designs are still really, really large, and unless you have super wide nails, I don't know how they'd ever fit completely.

The designs themselves are good quality: they seem crisply cut into the plate- same as my experience with previous Bundle Monster plates. The edges of the plates are not too sharp, and the protective paper backing on each plate is nice- you can stack them without worrying about scratches!

So, I tried out a few of the plates.  Keep in mind, I'm pretty horrendous at stamping, so my results are probably not indicative of the true quality of the plates themselves.  I've only stamped a handful of times, and I'm still working out technique and which polishes work for me. 


The plates, the original Konad stamper and scraper (might try a credit card in the future), a placemat that is dedicated to nail art, and some polishes: Zoya- Purity, Nubar- Pyramid Purple, Nubar- Orange Cream, Misa- Dirty Sexy Money.

The base color here is Milani- Deep Thoughts:

I totally missed the edge of my nail with the arrow pattern from BM-410- my fault, not the plate's.  The birdcage is from BM-407, and didn't stamp too cleanly, but I think it was my scraping technique.

When the robot from BM-415 stamped relatively well I definitely squee'd! Soooo cute!

The chevron pattern stamped really well- I just forgot to roll it across the nail.  It's definitely big enough to take up the whole nail if you do it correctly.

On my thumb:

Tentacles!  I first tried with a green, Misa- Dirty Sexy Money, but I didn't scrape cleanly and the result wasn't too crisp, sooooo I just stamped over it again in white.  For me, it came out pretty well! I usually have trouble with designs that have large, plain surface areas (as opposed to intricate lines).  I think the tentacles worked well, and I'll definitely be using that design again!

Mis-matched skittles:

It was a sorrowful moment when I had to remove these designs yesterday, but I have more polishes to swatch!

I really look forward to experimenting more with these plates, and hopefully my stamping technique will improve with practice!

What do you think?


  1. Damn, I had been resisting temptation on these but your review is starting to push me over the edge. >.>

    1. Well to be fair, the nail thread pushed me over the edge! :D

  2. Love, love, love these new plates! Thanks for the review, and I love your design!