October 1, 2013

Bottle Spam: Polishes I'm Stoked to Wear this Fall!

I know it's already October, but it's juuuust starting to feel Fall-ish here, so I thought I'd kick off the month with a Bottle Spam.  Woop!

I went 'shopping' in my hoard and pulled some polishes that really spoke to me for Autumn.  Most of these shades will work for Winter, too. This year, all of my picks come from my 'Untrieds' category.  (A category which I struggle to keep to a respectable count...currently 158 polishes.  Respectable? No.  Am I insane? Maybe!  But I know other polish hounds will know what I'm talking about!)

Here goes- I've grouped them loosely by color category and there are 31 in total!

Oranges and Reds:

Duri- Steal The Spotlight, China Glaze- Riveting, Zoya- Nidhi, China Glaze- Winter Berry

I picked up China Glaze- Riveting in the clearance bin at Ulta, I think, only because people rave about it.  I've just now become excited for it! Zoya- Nidhi I've had for a while, and can't believe I haven't worn yet.

Burgundy/ Brownish-reds:

Orly- Rock It, Illamasqua- Scarab, Revlon- Spice It Up, Cult Nails- Iconic, Butter London- Tramp Stamp

I have a thing for brownish-reds apparently.  I think I'm equally excited for all of these!


Orly- Buried Alive, Illamasqua- Bacterium, Revlon- Stormy, Barielle- Cashmere or Loose Me, Orly- Glam Rock, Model's Own- Copper Pot

Orly-Glam Rock is a satin/ matte finish, so I think that's going to be fun to wear, and I can see myself wearing Revlon- Stormy as a palate-cleanser. Illamasqua- Bacterium I have had for a long while...just waiting for the right moment to wear it I guess!

All Kinds of Purples:

Barielle- Slate of Affairs, China Glaze- When Stars Collide, Nubar- Moon Eclipse, Color Club- Ulterior Motive, Revlon- Decadent, Illamasqua- Baptiste, OPI- Lincoln Park After Dark

Yes, I know.  I have not worn the iconic OPI- Lincoln Park After Dark.  I finally caved and picked it up just recently!  Revlon- Decadent looks slightly duochrome-y, so I have high hopes for that, and Illamasqua- Baptiste is just supposed to be generally amazing...

Blues and Teals:

A England- Order of the Garter, Zoya- Fei Fei, Misa- Beyond Infinity, Barielle- Blackened Bleu, Essie- Dive Bar

Wow- I didn't realize how similar Barielle- Blackened Bleu and Essie- Dive Bar were until I lined them up! Maybe a comparison is in order, hmmm.


OPI- Jade is the New Black, Zoya- Envy, Sally Hansen CSM- Olive Branch, China Glaze- Wagon Trail

Not sure if OPI- Jade is the New Black counts as an untried.  I have vague memories of using a friend's JITNB, but I definitely have not touched my bottle.  China Glaze- Wagon Trail seems to be a cult favorite, so I'm particularly excited for that one!

It's unlikely I'll get around to wearing every single one of these in between swatching newer releases, but I'm going to try!  I'll also swatch the more interesting ones.

What are you guys excited to wear this season? I'd love to know!  

Does anyone else have a shameful 'Untrieds' pile??


  1. Ah, love Illamasqua Baptiste! And Jade is the New Black is a classic!!! Love it.

  2. I can't wait to see your swatches. I am especially excited to see OPI Lincoln Park after Dark and Essie Dive Bar.

  3. Those bottle shots are fantastic! Mind if I ask what kind of photo setup you use? :)

    I can't wait to see Baptiste and Blackened Bleu <3

    1. Thank You! Well, normally I do regular bottle shots in a light tent with a regular desk/ work lamp shining through the side (diffused), and then I bounce an on-camera speedlight off the opposite inside wall of the light tent.

      THESE bottle shots were actually done on top of my Michael's "Melmer" storage, against a white wall, and I just used a really low depth of field to blur the line where the Melmer meets the wall. Also used an on-camera speedlight for these, and bounced light partially off of the ceiling and partially off of another white wall.

      I usually shoot with a Nikon D90 and an SB-700, and rotate between prime 35mm, 50mm, and 100mm lenses. :)

  4. I have Dive Bar but Blackened Bleu looks more awesome. The Illamasqua polishes look amazing but I don't think I could get those... yet :D

    1. I am interested to see how those two differ. Ah, Illamasqua is my absolute favorite...

  5. Really looking forward to a Copper Pot swatch, it looks absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I can't wait to wear that one! I think I have had it a whole year and just looked at it- lol!