September 11, 2013

Mail-time: OPI polishes from!

Hambone is trying to tell me something!

He found something in the mail! Very exciting!

(especially for him, since he earns tasty things for his cooperation)


It's my order from!  A while back, they had OPI duo sets for $7.99, which is basically less than half-price these days!

I picked two sets:

The black-looking polish on the left is OPI- Black Spotted, which was the main reason I had to place this order, since Black Spotted is hard to obtain here in the US.  I got my grubby little mitts on it at last!

left to right: OPI- Black Spotted, OPI- Funky Dunkey, OPI- I Vant To Be A-Lone Star, OPI- Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em

Black Spotted came in a duo with Funky Dunkey, from the Shrek Forever After collection, which I was pleased about, since I do not think I own a purple creme in that specific shade.  The other two shades are from the Texas collection, and both were long time sort-of-lemmings (if you know what I mean!)

I'm excited to see what Black Spotted is all about!


  1. I got the Black Spotted/Funky Dunkey one too, and I'm wearing BS today. Caution: be very careful when putting it on. It's impossible to clean up neatly. It's like I put tar on my fingers!

  2. That. Dog. Can't wait to see spotted pics!

  3. All the nail polishes are so pretty and the dog is so sweet :)

  4. That photo of Ham looking up at you is priceless, haha. What kind of snack were you holding ;)? The polishes look so good together, totally a colour combo I'd use :)

  5. Did you get a shipping notification? I am STILL waiting for mine to go past the "Stage 3" part of Zulily's shipping process!

    1. Yes I did get a notice! I know there was a problem with the distributor...I think I just got lucky. Hope yours come soon!

    2. What was the problem with the distributor? Do you have any more information? The Zulily team had zero updates for me, even 2 weeks after the initial call :(

    3. Take this with a grain a salt, but I think it was that Zulily was having the OPI shipped straight from the distributor instead of being shipped to Zulily and then shipped out? That's just what I've heard.