September 13, 2013

Mail-time: Illamasqua Mail Is the Best Mail!

Sorry, to throw two consecutive mail-times at you all at once, but Four-legs found a box from Sephora (the best kind of box) !

("Wait." AKA dog torture)


paper, paper, and then:

Ah yes: Illamasqua goodies! Woop! The tube thing is a sample size of Hydra Veil, which is sort of a hybrid moisturizer/ primer. I used a promo code to get this sample tube for free. I'm excited to try it!

In the bottom of the box were free samples:

I chose a couple of Marc Jacobs fragrances and Makeup For Ever pressed powder samples.

The important stuff:

Illamasqua- Ouija!  I've finally got my hands on one of the Paranormal collection polishes, and I am so happy.  They were out of stock in Sephora for so long. The other polish is Illamasqua- Scarab, (because I have this disorder which prevents me from purchasing just one nail polish at a time).

left to right: Ouija, Scarab

I'm wearing Ouija right this moment, and I have to say that it's goddamn gorgeous- not to mention the UV glow properties!

Ouija swatch to come shortly- stay tuned!


  1. I feel as if I suffer from the same disorder. One polish is just... No, meh

  2. I love when you take photos with your dog :)

  3. Saw your pinterest swatch and can't wait for the next blog, it looks awesome!!

  4. Pup is soooo cute!! Such a good lil nail mail assistant!