September 27, 2013

Butter London- Brown Sugar [Swatch]

Butter London- Brown Sugar is from the recent Rock Your Color collection.

It's a complex, strongly red-toned brown.  It can look coppery with a bronze sheen in some lights. The finish is foily, with a couple sizes of hex glitter thrown into the mix.

Artificial light, two coats:


Window-filtered daylight:

It's super reflective, especially in person. The yellowy- gold glitter really picks up the light, and there is also a matrix of smaller pinkish shimmer that is pretty glassflecky. Overall, it has a bit of a duochrome effect (although I don't think it's a true duochrome), sometimes looking more mauve-y-brown, and sometimes looking more pinkish-red.

Outside, shade:


Up close!

You can see the finish is a little complex!

Formula: Medium-thin viscosity, and also a little bit sheer. However, it applies easily, and the first coat is sheer without being streaky.  Builds nicely, though, and two coats gave good enough coverage for me!  I'm not always a fan of Butter London formulas, but am happy to report that this one was quite nice!


  1. So cool! It really does have a crystalized sugar effect to it. I haaaate the Stones, though, they're one of the most overrated bands in history, lol.

  2. Very beautiful and unique polish! love it!

  3. Gosh, I love this polish. I also have a bit of trouble with BL's formulas, but I *might* be willing to risk another try for this... <3