August 15, 2013

OPI San Francisco Polishes: Pt. 2 [Swatch][Review] & [Comparison]

Here are my final three picks from OPI's Fall 2013 San Francisco collection!

First is OPI- Haven't the Foggiest- Artificial light, two coats:

Haven't the Foggiest is a cooler-toned silver foil with very, very dense shimmer.  I don't know why, but I can never pass up a silver foil.  It's sort of a problem.

Window-filtered daylight:

It can look a lot cooler in natural lighting, but it is really your basic neutral-cool silver tone.

Outside, shade:

The green tinge above is reflected from my shirt!

Partial Sun:


Sparse, really sparkly shimmer comes out in the sun!  If you're in need of a great silver foil, this is it!

Formula:  It's thick and surprisingly opaque.  No problems with the first coat, but I did two just to be safe.  This was pretty much a joy to apply- very nice!

Quick Comparison:
Left to Right: Zoya- Trixie, OPI- Your Royal Shine-ness, OPI- Haven't The Foggiest, OPI- Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous!, OPI- Number One Nemesis

I pulled a bunch of silver foils to give you an idea. OPI- Your Royal Shine-ness from the Serena Williams Glam Slam collection is the closest match, but not a dupe, as you can see. It's a little warmer, and the shimmer is also more intense than what's in Haven't The Foggiest.


Next, is OPI- In the Cable Car-Pool Lane:

In the Cable Car-Pool Lane is a deep, warm-toned plum jelly.  The formula leans toward the crelly end of things. (What's up with the weird hyphen?)

Artificial light, two coats:

Window-filtered daylight:

It's not the "vampiest" burgundy/ plum ever, but it is just dark and rich enough to be fun to wear in Fall. You can always tell that's it's not black, which is nice!

Outside, shade:

I loved the color at one coat, but it really deepens after two, although is still a beautiful hue in the sun.

Formula: On the thicker side; the first coat is streaky but goes on pretty smoothly, but might drag bald patches if you overwork it or apply too slowly.  The second coat goes on much more easily, and I really liked it at two coats- it was mostly opaque, although I did have some less opaque patches toward the cuticle.

I did encounter some bubbling of the tiny, sparse variety but I'll attribute it to user error since it only happened on some nails.

Quick Comparison:

Left to Right: Zoya- Katherine, OPI- In The Cable Car-Pool Lane, Essie- Bahama Mama

Essie- Bahama Mama is very similar, but not dupish: It's much noticeable lighter, although the same tone. Zoya- Katherine is also a jelly, but it's much more of a cooler, purpler plum shade (and darker).

Last, is OPI- Muir Muir on the Wall:

Muir Muir on the Wall is a warm brown base with reddish-coppery microshimmer that gives the finish a slight bronzey duochrome effect at certain angles. This is not a true duochrome- the shimmer just plays tricks in the light.  Interesting!

(Can anyone give some insight into the name of this polish?? Is it a Snow White reference? What does it have to do with San Francisco?)

Artificial light, two coats:

This polish is very photogenic, and to be honest, I like it more in pictures than on my nails in person, although it's not a bad shade at all. I just think the subtle color shift is more apparent in photos.

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

Formula:  The consistency is medium-thin, leading to the thin side. The first coat goes on easily, and the second coat feels much thicker since it clings so well to the first coat.  No problems: I really enjoyed this formula even though I usually prefer a thicker viscosity!

Quick Comparison:

Left to Right: Model's Own- Pinky Brown, OPI- Muir Muir On The Wall, China Glaze- Bogie, Essie- Carry On

I was certain I was going to have nothing like Muir Muir, but China Glaze- Bogie is pretty close, isn't it?!  Bogie is less warm-toned, more purple, and there is not subtle/pseudo duochrome effect like with Muir Muir.  (I added Essie- Carry On to give an idea of the color tone, not the finish.)


What do you think?  I anticipated this collection for a long time, and it sort of met my expectations without exceeding them.  Hmm.  There are definitely some winners here, though, and none of the formulas gave me much trouble at all!  You'll notice I did pass over the blues and the sand finishes- I just wasn't intrigued by them!


  1. The Muir Woods are right outside of SF, and are Gorgeous! They have an interesting history too, the delegates who chartered the UN (which was chartered in SF) went to Muir woods to have a memorial service for FDR when he died.

    1. Thank you! I've never been there, so I didn't know. That's pretty neat!