August 16, 2013

Mail-time: A Zoya Deluge!

Ham has detected a Zoya box!

^That's also my face when I receive Zoya in the mail!

But wait! ...There's more! 

...TWO Zoya boxes on the same day!  (I had to make Ham sit through a second mail time "session" and he was none too pleased.)

Inside the first:

My order qualified for a free 2oz re-up of Remove +, which makes me so happy because my flipper was empty again.

These are polishes from the "CAMO" promotion.  In addition to the promo's Hunter, Louise, Flynn, and Pepper, I ended up choosing Livingston and Sailor to complete the Cashmere collection (I can never resist cremes!), as well as three polishes from the Satins collection:



The contents of the second box was sent to me for review:

The Fall 2013 Pixie Dusts.  They are so lovely!

Bottle shots!

Left to Right: Dhara, Arabella, Carter, Chita, Sunshine, Tomoko

Left to Right: Flynn, Hunter, Sailor, Louise, Pepper, Livingston

Left to Right: Giovanna, Neve, Mason

Needless to say, I have so many polishes to swatch now!  I have a few of the Summer Pixie Dusts (from this post) which will be next, then I'll start on the Fall collections, but I'm not sure which will be first: the Fall Pixie Dusts or Cashmeres/ Satins.  Thoughts?


  1. I'd like to see both but the cashmeres/satins most! Also I love all of that polish bottle porn *_*

    1. I am currently swatching the Cashmeres, but I think the Fall Pixies are going up first! :)