August 25, 2013

Inglot Eyeshadow- Freedom Palette #2 [Swatch] !

As requested, here are swatches from the other Inglot eyeshadow palette I created using the Freedom System!

These are the first Inglot shadows I fell in love with; I tried to design the palette to include a highlight color, a couple of crease colors, a darker shade I could use as a liner, some all-over lid colors, as well as a couple slightly more colorful tones.  I stuck to mostly matte neutrals, as that's what I reach for most, day to day.

Top:          351M, 349M, 360M, 337M, 326M
Bottom:    344M, 434 Pearl, 451 Pearl, 11 AMC Shine, 446 Pearl

First, I just want to talk about what have come to be my favorite, must-used colors:

344 Matte! Holy mother, I love this one.  I use it all over as a wash of color when I'm in a rush, or just in the crease or just on the lid, depending. It's kind of a fawn shade, but you can see there are taupey, purple undertones, and it just flatters blue eyes while still being neutral.

It's also very similar to the color "Unconditional" from the Lorac Unzipped palette, but they're not dupes.  The Lorac shadow is warmer, with more red undertones.

I'm just starting to fully appreciate this one: 446 Pearl. Sometimes I use it in the outer-V, or as a liner color, but it's got a really interesting duochromey thing going on in the sun.  Not an everyday shade, but fun.

360M, 337M, 326M

These (top) three are my go-to brown matte neutrals when I want an easy, three-tone neutral eye (most days!). 337 goes all over the lid, 360 goes lightly into the crease for daytime, and I use 326 as a liner color on the top lashline or blended in the crease for night time.

Swatch time! These are shown over naked skin with no primer.

Outside, shade:

Top:          351M, 349M, 360M, 337M, 326M
Bottom:    344M, 434 Pearl, 451 Pearl, 11 AMC Shine, 446 Pearl

I find photographing your own arm truly difficult, so I apologize if everything not being in focus at once is bothersome.

You can see how rich the mattes are, and how shiny and light-catching the pearl finishes are, without being glittery at all.  Both textures blend very easily, and really spoil me when I go to use other brands of eyeshadow. 

Up close:

11 Shine is probably my least favorite here.  It's too yellow-toned, but I'm being picky. 

The Pearl (and Shine) finishes:

451 tends to look much bluer on skin than it does in the pan.  See the duochromey-ness in 446 pearl?

When looking at the palette/ pans, you can see that all of these shadows have seen some love (compare to the photos at the top of this post from when they were newer), and some even have dings from before I mastered removing them from the palette with a magnet. Even so, none of the shadows, even my favorites, have very visible 'dips' from use.  They are just so pigmented I feel like they might last my lifetime...

Outside, sun:

Top:          351M, 349M, 360M, 337M, 326M
Bottom:    344M, 434 Pearl, 451 Pearl, 11 AMC Shine, 446 Pearl

In the sun, they look like jewel tones + neutrals, which I guess is what they are.

Now I will say, that since my initial Inglot eyeshadow  & Freedom System post, I have rearranged my shadows between the two 10-pan palettes I have.  I loved the way I'd designed them at first, and thought they were really pretty combinations, but working with them was less practical that way.

So, I decided to put the warmer neutrals together, and group some of the cooler colors together- for the most part:

They are definitely not as aesthetically pleasing this way, but they're more functional for my purposes.  And, I do tend to gravitate to the top, warmer palette 95% of the time!

That's the beauty of the Freedom System!

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  1. I absolutely love the Inglot eyeshadow palettes! I have two as well, my most used one is 360M because I can use it for my eyebrows too :) Absolutely amazing products, I think.