July 4, 2013

Nail It! Magazine [Review]

Warning: this post is very picture-heavy...so, beware?? 

"Nail It!" is a new bi-monthly magazine that focuses on nail polish, nail art, nail care, and pretty much anything else nail-centric.  (There is also some sundry beauty content thrown in.)

From the Nail It! website:

 "NAIL IT! is the first beauty magazine for women who love nails—the insider’s guide to nail fashion, nail art, the latest nail products and more (think nail health and wellness)."
So, I've taken a look at two issues, the second and the third (May/June, July/August), and will share my thoughts on the magazine, and show you a lot of images, of course!

First up is the May/ June issue:

The first thing I notice is that it's really fun seeing nail polish adverts!  And some of them are gorgeous...I know people don't read magazines for the ads, but I was oddly fascinated.

This little Helmer blurb made me laugh since I know so many people use them- and make spreadsheets to catalogue their polishes.

There are some silly articles like this:

Polish shade inspiration from sunglasses/ frames.  Cool, I guess?  Seems like filler...

Plenty of nail art inspiration.  The above is an example of one of the "tutorials."  It fills about a quarter of a page, so you're looking at tiny images and very brief captions.

This was one of my favorite articles:

A look inside the Essie Flagship salon in Manhattan! (Look at that wall-o-polish!)

^This was also interesting- a short article chronicling his adventures into wearing nail polish, and society's reactions.

Then, there were a couple profiles of prominent nail bloggers.  I'm sure you'll recognize them!

(Chalkboard Nails & Polishaholic)

There are some decent nail care articles:

Most of the advice therein seemed to be on point, and there wasn't really anything I didn't already know.

A good article on "3-free!"

And, most importantly, some semi-pornographic nail eye-candy!

My favorite part of this issue was definitely looking at the editorial sections:

A LOT of great inspiration for nail art! I'm a photographer by trade, so it was just fun seeing fashion photos that focused on nails.

Here's a Summer-appropriate editorial spread featuring color-blocking:

Beautiful, right?  I really want to attempt those last nails...

There is also some celebrity-oriented content:

(That was a woman who appeared on "What Not to Wear," and had to be persuaded to give up her extreme duck-bill nails.)

And, here's a look at the July/ August issue:

Notice that the spine reads exactly the same as the previous issue...

This ad for Sally Beauty had me chuckling because it's just so out of control and schizophrenic:

...but, hey! Sally Beauty represent!

A little blurb on water-marbling. (You actually have to go to nailitmag.com to see the tutorial, bummer.)

An article discussing some texture finishes:

More celebrity stuff:

Similar to last issue's polish inspired by sunglasses, here is a page of nail designs inspired by crazy shoes:

And, some advice on Emerald nail polish:

There is also scattered general beauty content, which is fine, I guess.  I didn't find that it overwhelmed the nail-oriented content:

Another gorgeous ad:

An article on reader-submitted blue-themed nails:

I thought that one was particularly cool- like the nail blogosphere suddenly wound up in print!

Continuing on that idea, more nail blogger profiles:

An article on budgeting manicures...eh:

Some nail care items:

Editorial content!:

The final page, directly after the Neon editorial spread, suggests some neon nail and makeup stuff:

So, I hope that gave you some impressions of the magazine.  It's a fairly silly and light read, but is definitely filled with good nail art inspiration.  The tutorials that were included were only slightly helpful.  They didn't come with large enough photos, or precise enough instructions, in my opinion.  (And, there could have been more of them!)

Some bullets:
  • fun to see nail polish print advertisements
  • LOTS of gel nail ads
  • great nail art inspiration, especially the editorial photo sets
  • nail "tutorials" are a little vague, and don't go into too much detail
  • some celebrity nail trends
  • decent nail care articles, but probably nothing you don't already know 
  • Nail It! Magazine  is $11.95 for six issues, a decent price in my opinion, and probably much cheaper than buying individual issues on the newsstand.

Overall, I'm glad I subscribed!  There's nothing life-changing here, but it's worth it to me just to see all the nail art photos! I can always use more inspiration.  I probably won't renew after my subscription is up, but I do look forward to my next four issues!

What do you think?


  1. I love the editorial photo sets!
    And I dunno, guess I'm weird, but I always enjoy looking at/reading ads in magazines, especially if they're polish related :)

    Thanks for this post!

  2. This is an awesome review. Everything I've heard about this mag so far has been really mixed, and having nothing to go on but other people's opinions, I wasn't sure about this mag. It actually looks pretty good, though! And yeah, I love looking at polish ads too. The colors! *____*

    1. That sounds about right, since MY feelings on it are a bit mixed. It's definitely fun though, and I think the price is right!

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