June 1, 2013

Ruby Wing- Desert Valley [Swatch]

Here is Ruby Wing- Desert Valley, a color-changing polish which supposedly activates with sun exposure.  (Ruby Wing polishes are made by the same company which makes Color Club, by the way.)

This particular color changing shade consists of chunky, rainbow iridescent, angular shards in what appears to be a pink-tinted clear, jelly base.  However, when applied to the nail, the base goes on pretty colorlessly.

Artificial light, two coats:

Like I said, the base color is completely transparent, and doesn't appear to change the color of the undies below, which is OPI- My Vampire Is Buff, under indoor/ artificial light.  But you do see the pretty rainbow shards.

Time to venture into the sun!

Outside, sun:

When you go outside, the color change is very quick and dramatic, I am happy to report! (Maybe about 5-10 seconds from start to finish)

It's the base that changes color, not the iridescent shards.  It changes from transparent to a sort of blue, jelly-looking color, which is still sheer enough to reveal the iridescent glitter pieces. 

Once the color changes, the application sloppiness is revealed!  I'm sorry about that, but it's hard to paint clean lines when you can't see the base at all.  You can also see just how bumpy and uneven it looks here.  The shards/ base combo didn't really play well- more about that later.


In the shade outside, the base is sort of a duller grey-blue, not bright blue like in direct UV light. 

When you go back inside, it takes a little longer to change back- about 30 seconds, and there is a strange putty/grey intermediate color.  All in all, the color change is really intriguing, and this is the first UV- activated color changing polish I have tried. 

Formula: The suspension base is very thick, and I suppose it has to be in order to carry the large iridescent shards.  Even so, the shards stick up awkwardly on the nail, and refused to be smoothed down.  Gelous top coat might help to create a smooth surface, but I didn't have that on hand.  I used two thick coats of Revlon- Quick Dry Top Coat instead, which still left the surface feeling and looking bumpy.

I think these Ruby Wing color changing polishes are a little overpriced at $5.99, but they're fun I suppose.  It's really a shame about the chunky finish, because the iridescence in this polish is really eye-catching and gorgeous.


  1. Maybe you should apply this topcoat otside, for better precision ;))

    1. You're right! I thought of that after I looked at my swatches on the computer. Duh.

  2. I have a bottle of these iridescent flakies from their Studio M line, and it doesn't matter how much topcoat you put on or how you apply it, they are always going to look like a bit of a hot mess. 2-3 coats of Gelous helps, but they still don't look quite right, you know? Such a shame because they're seriously beautiful, but they will not lay flat!

    1. Yea...bummer. I think there are just certain size/ shape combinations of glitter particles that don't usually lay flat well. :shrug:

  3. Where can you get the polishes for $5.99. I can only find them online for $10! :(