June 8, 2013

Recent Accent Nails, Edition #3!

Welcome to another edition of recent accent nails!  I know I don't do enough nail art, but I get a kick out of wearing colors just by themselves for the most part! (Boring, right?)

Well, anyway, I've been making more of an effort to at least wear an accent since the nail art front has been rather quiet.

First up, the most boring:

LVX- Avireo with China Glaze- Luxe & Lush on the ring finger.

Illamasqua- Jo'Mina with China Glaze- I'm Not Lion layered over on the index and middle nails.

Misa- Peach Passion with China Glaze- It's A Trap-eze on the ring finger and Revlon- Girly on the middle.

Butter London- Cake-Hole with Essie- Bikini So Teeny on the middle and thumb nails.

Lastly, Illamasqua- Aorta, a Rubber Brights finish, with Milani- Gems on the middle two fingers. I mattified Gems with Essie- Matte About You topcoat.