June 7, 2013

[Press Release] Zoya Pixie Dusts for Fall 2013

Zoya has announced yet another Pixie Dust texture finish collection- this time for Fall 2013.

I will also mention that I hate the fake 'shopped lens flare that Zoya uses in the promo images.  I know these formulas are difficult to photograph accurately, but come on!

The colors:

    Tomoko: Champagne Silver (silver sparkle)
    Chita: Jade Green (silver sparkle)
    Sunshine: Van Gogh Blue (silver sparkle)
    Carter: Regal Violet  (magenta sparkle)
    Arabella: Rich Fuchsia (magenta/silver sparkle)
    Dhara: Dazzling (copper/gold metallic sparkle)

A couple of these do look interesting, I have to admit, but I didn't even succumb to any from the previous Summer Edition, to be honest.  (I do have three from the first original Pixie Dust release.)

What do you think?  Have you tried the Pixie Dust finish?

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