June 27, 2013

Nail Polish Confession Time!

I mentioned on Facebook that I'm [tragically] having some technical difficulties.  My main computer has some sort of hardware issue I'm currently trying to diagnose and fix.  Because of that, I don't really have access to swatch photos or editing software at the moment.  (For the time being, I'm working off of a reaaaally slow laptop.)

So, I thought it was time for this little post, which has been brewing for a while-

Welcome to nailpolish confessions!

1) Yellows scare the crap out of me.  There are some beautiful ones out there, but out of a collection of about 500/600-ish? polishes (I don't really want to know the number!), I can count my yellows on one hand easily: China Glaze- Lemon Fizz, Color Club- Daisy Does It, and China Glaze- Trendsetter if you want to count that.  I have very light, pinkish, cool-toned skin, and yellows are just generally unflattering.  I love the way they look against dark skin, though.

2) I don't "clean-up" with a small brush and acetone like you're "supposed" to.  My cuticles are dry enough as it is (between my job and guitar playing), and it's a constant battle to keep them hydrated enough for up-close-and-personal photos.

I just try to paint neatly in the first place, and basically follow this technique:

(Photo Credit: Lacquerized.com)

Starting below the cuticle and then pushing the polish upwards (step 4) is really key for me; it helps create that neat-looking arc, and really steadies the hand.  I also make sure to rest my wrist on my worksurface. And, of course, practice is key!

Sometimes I will use a correcter pen, like the one Sally Hansen makes, if there is some egregious mistake, but that is usually underneath the nail, especially as a result of wrapping the tips, when my nails are shorter.

3) I'm a packaging snob.  I can't help it- I just like good design, and crappy packaging can turn me off of even really pretty colors.  A lot of times this happens with indies, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I don't want polishes with labels that look like they were printed by a 1995 inkjet, and then glued on at your grandma's house- especially if I'm paying upwards of $10 for them!

A commercial big offender for me is the Nicole by OPI packaging.  The bottle is horrible- you turn it to the side and suddenly:

(Photo Credit: vampyvarnish.com

I don't own a single NOPI because of the bottle shape.  Am I missing out?  Maybe.

4) Having just one of any brand makes my eye twitch! Call it OCD, but I feel like a single polish of any one brand gets lonely.  And, it's hard to get a sense of a brand with just one polish. This neurosis also works as a sort of polish-buying chastity belt; I'll refrain from venturing into the unknown territory of new (to me) brands for a long, long time, if I don't already own some of said brand.  Does it make sense?  Not in the least!

5) Nail Clippers! I totally use them if I need to take down significant length, and not just shape/refine.  I know you aren't supposed to use them, but ever since I began using nail strengtheners and taking Biotin, my nails seem to handle clipping pretty well, and I just don't have the patience to sit there with a file for two hours.

So- what are your nail care/ polish confessions?  Any weird habits or tricks out there? 
Let me know!


Ham's nail confession is that his claws are always way longer than I'd like!  He's a big derpy baby about letting me cut them, and it can only be accomplished with a steady stream of dried liver treats. 


  1. Ha! I also don't own a single Nicole by OPI polish because I hate the bottle!
    I also agree about packaging, it has to look nice for me to want it.

    1. Yea, totally. Nice packaging can sell me a polish, no joke!

    2. I have one Nicole, and only because Santa put it in my stocking. It doesn't fit into my nail polish racks, either; it has to sit at an angle, which gets my OCD raring because everything else is straight. GRRR to the stupid bottle! I really should just give it away.

    3. Haha, a friend has a couple Nicoles and every time I go over there, I try to straighten them in the rack to no avil! Argggh!

  2. OMG, I feel like I am reading all about myself:) I paint my nails like the photo shows and don't do cleanup either. I am totally a packaging snob too. I hate the Nicole by OPI bottle too and don't own any and I don't think I ever will. I have been known to buy a polish JUST for the packaging:) (I love square bottles). And it's so funny you mention only having one bottle of something. I had this cheapy NYC bottle all by itself and I gave it to my niece because it bugged me sitting there alone in my collection. They all need a friend ;) Great post and I hope you are up and running soon!

    1. I too LOVE square bottles! Maybe my confessions aren't all that unique, haha!

      I should be up and running soon, hopefully! :)

  3. Aw man, so many shameful confessions from me:
    - I used to be a serious nail biter until two years ago. I stopped and my nail polish addiction quickly started and exploded.
    - Sometimes, a while after I finish painting my nails I lick one of my fingers and rub it lightly on my nails to test how 'dry' the polish is. I'm disgusting, I know.
    - I hate yellow too! I have two, and have never worn them :p

    1. When I stopped biting, my nail polish obsession also exploded....or wait? Which was first?! It's funny how many people are saying that they hate yellow! Yay!

  4. The first picture really came from: http://www.lacquerized.com/2010/05/how-to-how-i-paint-my-nails.html

    Michele's pictures are stolen a lot. It's not your fault, but it is one reason why she stopped blogging....

    Anyhow, I know how you feel about yellows. I don't have very many either!

    Hi Hambone!

    1. I had a feeling it wasn't originally from there! Thank you so much for pointing that out! I have fixed the credit.

  5. My biggest confession is that I my couch is almost always covered in polish bottles and nail art supplies. It's especially bad when I have a new batch of freshly-bought bottles (as in, within the last two weeks), and they sit around until I get the chance to swatch them on swatch sticks, THEN make space in my Helmer for each to go in its proper place. I have to force myself to clean up the whole mess at least once a week, and even then it's back to its usual mess within three days. :P

    1. I'm sure a lot of nail polish fiends can relate! I try to keep mine organized so that it doesn't look *as crazy* as it really is to a) my boyfriend (lol!), and b) people who visit! My new polishes definitely sit around until I put them on swatch sticks and catalogue them, though!